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It's only a matter of time until our world faces a crisis like never before. An unknown group, or should we say cult, has emerged from the shadows to bring chaos onto the world but for what? In the midst of all this, a mysterious tower appeared from the surface of the northern part of Miradorr, leaving many wondering whether or not it's a sign off some sort of omen. Only time will tell what is in store for all those who live in Arcadia.


Features: As of Jan 6, 2022
- ATB Battle System - ATB Active
- Aiming for 15-20 Hours Story.
- 8 Party Members
- Quest Log *for sidequests only*
- Original Soundtrack *Total of 5 Tracks*
More features will be laid out as development continues.

Plugins By:
Casper Gaming
Gabe (Gabriel Nascimento_
Lunatechs - Kino
Bluemoon/Nebula Games *NEW*
Mokusei Penquin *NEW*

Original Music By:

Other Music by:
GotchGotchaGames(Degica Games)
Joel Steudler
Murray Atkinson
D.C. Kairi Sawler

Enemies Battlers By: *NEW*
Kadokawa *NEW*
Enterbrain *NEW*
Thalzon *NEW*
Eternara *NEW*
GotchaGotchaGames *NEW*

Latest Blog

I'm sorry but I grew tired of trying to complete this game after nearly a decade.

As I mentioned in previous blog which is now deleted.
I am revamping the game events for a better story.
To be quite honest with you. This game has been in
the making for almost a decade. Sooner or later I am
gonna just shelve it and move on to something else.

I just come to accept that this story I am writing for
Night of Awakening just falls flat later on. Mostly
due to it being the first story I tried to write so
I see the flaws and how dated it is.

I just come to the conclusion I need to move on
from this game completely.

Need to start fresh on something else or return to
recent ideas of mine that I have floating around.
Will I return to this in the future? Haha nope.

But it won't be long til you see another game
from me....and hopefully I can complete this
next one I have in mind.
  • Cancelled
  • djking
  • RPG Maker MZ
  • RPG
  • 10/10/2021 04:43 AM
  • 05/12/2022 05:57 AM
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How long is the demo?

About 2-4 hours depending on how fast you move along.
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