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Progress Report

I'm sorry but I grew tired of trying to complete this game after nearly a decade.

As I mentioned in previous blog which is now deleted.
I am revamping the game events for a better story.
To be quite honest with you. This game has been in
the making for almost a decade. Sooner or later I am
gonna just shelve it and move on to something else.

I just come to accept that this story I am writing for
Night of Awakening just falls flat later on. Mostly
due to it being the first story I tried to write so
I see the flaws and how dated it is.

I just come to the conclusion I need to move on
from this game completely.

Need to start fresh on something else or return to
recent ideas of mine that I have floating around.
Will I return to this in the future? Haha nope.

But it won't be long til you see another game
from me....and hopefully I can complete this
next one I have in mind.
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