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In the far-flung future, the Lunar colony of Aremen is faced with bots, spammers, and trolls running rampant, and just making a mess of things. The colony administrator, her hands full with managing other matters, calls upon a force to deal with the issue: Aremen's Moon Patrol!

This is a short arcade-ish game, made during Theme Roulette 4. The roll/inspiration for this game include the word "moon", the genre "thriller", the setting "dystopian", and this image.

The game features an MZ implementation of my probably now infamous "Wand of Blasting" mechanic. It's also something of a "community game", featuring Liberty as the colony administrator, OzzyTheOne as the tank enthusiast upgrader, and yours truly as the partroler that's on the job.

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  • Completed
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  • RPG Maker MZ
  • Action
  • 10/12/2021 12:44 PM
  • 08/31/2023 01:02 AM
  • 08/23/2021
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Future Ruler of Gam Mak
This game looks like an interesting game to give a spin, perhaps I shall do so.
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