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Spellzone is an RPG where the player controls a team of heroes who explore Tulneau Island. While this game uses a standard turn-based battle system, some tactical approaches may be required in order to defeat enemies.

Most in-game action takes place in the forest areas of Tulneau island, but you will also travel through deep underground passages, mines, rural areas, and cities*.

* The cities and rural areas were not available in the initial release (Version 1.0). They were added in Version 1.1.


Tulneau Island is a land where people travel to with the goal of becoming rich and famous; signing up to various guilds and forming them is a common custom for such ideals. One of such people was Acretia, a very skilled and cold-hearted sorceress, who signed up for a guild managed by Tehrin. She wished to attain greatness beyond human comprehension from doing so.

Tehrin allied with other top-rated guild leaders. They sent her to complete one of the most difficult missions no one has ever completed... However, many years passed since that day without Acretia returning to the guild's headquarters.

Years after that, a highly-praised sorceress, Arvena, noticed a very violent mana flow disturbance; almost every magician on the island is losing their powers and lives from it. Tallanar, the protagonist, however, is unaffected...

He was called to Tehrin's office to discuss the matter. Tehrin asked him to investigate the issue and help save people from death. Tallanar agrees to take this job, but in return asked for the release of his friend, Telthos, from prison. Both heroes travel through the land of Tulneau searching for the person responsible for such mayhem...


Some necessary technical information:

- This game has an auto-saving feature; it will autosave the game every 2 minutes.

- When you close the game, you can continue the session from the point where you quit. It may be a little buggy, but still works.

- HP, MP, and TP regenerate on a real-time basis!

- Every offensive skill has a 3% probability to instantly kill the enemy. (However, it does not work with both bosses and demi-bosses.)

- If you think that the experience points received per battle are too low, then try to do more exploring; there are treasure chests on the map containing experience points!

- This game is still in the phase of development, so it is likely not all of the things would work or function as intended. I hope to learn what needs to be fixed through replies here and feedback.

- Save files from the demo versions will be compatible with future updates and the full-version release.


NOTE: The original writing above was written by Soulrender, but then completely rewritten and cleaned up by Kiyasu Oka (kiyasu) of www.kiyasugreen.com. The story-related information on this page is according to the developer's decision; not mine. Whether or not there are story details that "should not" be on a game page, is up to the developer.

Description updated on January 16th, 2022 (Sunday) by kiyasu on both this page and the game's itch.io page.

Latest Blog

Update Log

Patch 1.1G - 25.10.2021

- Killing Blow does not work in important battles.
- Killing Blow does not affect main heroes.
- Average Level of group required to enter Tower Of Illusion dropped
from 5th Level to 4th Level.

- Potions in battle now have their own animations.
- Autosave feature does not cause a lag when occurs.
- Added Gamepad configuration in options
(Keyboard is still not present, maybe in patch 1.1H it will be)

- Magic Crystals boosts parameters value now
is 10 (previously it was 5)

- Lantern fuel runs out much slower.
- Slightly improved mining system (visually).
- Fixed bug when opening Quest with Tower Of Illusions proper message
didn't show at all.
- Partially fixed problem with Light FX layers when switching
between game windows such as "Bagpack", "Equipment" etc.
- Fixed problem with overlaping game hints and dialogues.
- Important battles (related to story) cannot be forfeited.
- Boosted game resolution from 1024x576 to 1152x648
- More Game Hints explaining game mechanics
- Turn order in battles is now more randomized
- Removed totally 5th chapter (it's a crap...)
- During battle you gain Guild Rank points.
- Added Additional window in battle to display turn order of
heroes and enemies.

- Instant Kill now has own custom animation, along with boxing
bell sound to make easier to understand what just happened in battle.

- Lightning Cage now has calculation in skill description to display
percentage probability of successful skill use.

- Salt can be used in battle on enemies, but it will work against
banshees, shades and witches.

- Since the victory message is based on default MV message window I've added a
counter of looted items from battle, so the player won't be confused or
irritated with really big windows.

- Telthos' skill "Iron Body" is replaced with skill "Lion's Courage" - this
skill grants +55% extra damage for direct attack (not for skills), raises
strength 2x and recieved damage from magic and melee attacks
also 2x - lasts 5 turns.

- Increased party's movement speed from 3.43 to 3.58
- When enemy's HP drops to 20% enemy may escape from group.
- Rhino Stomp, Earth Quake and Call Of The Spirits skills can't damage
flying enemies.

- Spiritual Strike now can damage Ghosts, Banshees and Shades.
- At least 30 points of Intelligence is required to use Tome of Power
for specific hero.

- Added Party rank indicator in HUD.
- Non-usable items are now marked in grey so the
player knows that the item is not for typical use.

- Fixed bug where potions could be used on dead friends.
- Fixed weather bug in 5th chapter (it was raining in caves).
- Experience Chests now gives exp randomly between 150 and 300
(Exp chest can be empty, with no XP - 10%).
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