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- Experience points are now divided equaly for all team members.
- Soulrender's skill Divine Spears is now replaced with Angel Of War:
- summons a powerful angel for 3 turn who fight for player.

- Mouse support.
- Chapter Selection implemented.
- Telthos now can drain Mana from enemies and give it to friends in team.
- Tallanar, Telthos and Soulrender now they have permament passive abilities:

* Tallanar - Static discharge: gives N% chance to deal extra 70% damage
also this extra damage restores stamina.

* Telthos - Chivalric Duty: Reduces recieved damage to 50% and
raises critical chance, evasion and counter attack to 30%

* Soulrender - Brilliance Aura: increases mana regeneration to 15%

- You can now in Game options toggle ON/OFF Fog Of War
- Autosave option moved to Game Configuration
- Action indicators also moved to Game Options
- Soulrender now has another Ultimate spell - Solar Beams
- Tallanar's Tornado skill has extended animation duration and that
skill deals 3 times damage.

- Gaining new ranks and skill boost looks more like leveling
- Maia's Frost Nova Skill strikes 4 random enemies
- Maia's Ice Crystal skill strikes 6 random enemies
- Maia's Blizzard skill deals damage three times instead one
- Carla's Flames Strike skill strikes 5 random enemies
- Carla's Flame Drop skill strikes 6 random enemies
- All skills cooldowns where reduced by 1 turn
- Cheats :)
- Added Gamepad Support to Heroes Biography section.
- First dialogue with Soulrender - after his defeat and rescue can be skipped
- Fixed bug in Marcelince Quest in her Inn, quest was correctly marked as
completed, but in Quest Log that entry was doubled.
- Delay between game hints and quest messages was shorten
- Salt can be used in battle against Banshees and Shades
- Killing Blow rate reduced from 5% to 3%.
- When Hero is drunk, rate of Killing Blow is raised to 50%
- Ayanna has now more simple, yet more effective Direct Attack

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