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- 14.05.2022

* Small Grammar fixes
* WorldMap now shows the image of the island
* Potion "Blue Kamikaze" now gives the following traits:
- HP regeneration +5%
- MP regeneration +5%
- Chance for evade melee attack +15%
- Chance for counterattack +15%
* Added description for items with "This item has no description yet"
* Fixed dialog where hero not present in team was saying.
* When answering wrong to questions in Bridgekeeper player was teleported to a broken location.
* Fixed passage on the drawer in Trishia's Shop.
* Fixed passage on a bench in Whisperblade.
* Fixed weather in Pawnshop located in Whisperblade
* Fixed flickering interaction icon in a secret room.
* Fixed passage on staircase in Whisperblade.
* Fixed passage downstairs in prof. Holmberg's Castle.
* Item "Sacred Book Of Strength" now has a price in the shop.
* Fixed movement of members of Guild "Shadow Dragons" in their house.
* Fixed problem when entering to Isilynora's room, player couldn't leave it.
* Fixed problem with dialog after defeating Erelim.
* Fixed glitched dialog in Bulmeth's brewery.
* Fixed problem with exchanging coins in bankers if player typed 0 value.
* Fixed problem when entering Rainhard's room.

Patch 1.1I - 08.05.2022

- Health warning message included in the launcher in text and mp3 format.
- Added 7th Difficulty Level
- Re-designed launcher, heh, buttons don't match style to the game though
- Couple of new Battle Backgrounds...
- Fixed bug with full screen on latest nwjs updates for windows
- Drop of items, trash items reduced to 10% rate and added a permanent drop of coins with the following pattern:
*Lv. 1 - Lv. 4 -> Dimes and copper coins
*Lv. 5 - Lv. 7 -> Dimes and silver coins
*Lv. 8 and higher -> Dimes and gold coins
- When a party member dies, all its other bars (MP, ST) drops to 0
- The briefings before starting the chapter now appear much faster
- When a team member falls his avatar in battle hud becomes black&white, and no one can continue the battle, proper message is displayed.
- Battle HUD indicated who takes a turn by glowing frame
- added some side quests
- added ability enchantment for money
- Fixed event that gives 75XP for the party (it was giving 1000 XP, but the message displayed 75)
- Mental shockwave's Mana cost raised from 90 to 110MP
- Spiritual Strike's Mana cost raised from 125 to 150MP
- Tallanar's base MP regeneration raised from 4% to 7%
- Added WorldMap
- fixed camera bug in goldmine when riding a wagon
- You can skip cutscenes when heroes are riding a wagon
- fixed bug with the summoned angel, the game showed an error message, when battle is won and the angel is being unsummoned.
- Small bugfixes

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