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I WATCHED MY CITY DIE is an open world mystery game about a city trapped in an endless time loop, destined to die over and over again. You are Cam, a retail worker who seems to be the only person cognizant of these time loops. It was created for the Fourth Annual Hawktober Game Jam 2021.

Cam, a retail worker, wakes up on an average day of his life, contemplating his existence. He is unaware that every day he has will be looped over and over again, in the city he grew up in, with echoes of his history making themselves known throughout the course of his story. We're only witnesses to what he has to experience - within his mind, several voices occur. The drab, drooling wreckage of his history reeling him in, fights with his current will to survive in a dead-end job with a life he never wanted to live in the first place.

Everyone here walks around like they're hot shit - figuring out their condolences to a dying fate. You, Cam, are just here to whittle the days away until you can't feel anything anymore. That's what the drink is for, isn't it? The hustle? The utter and wanton destruction of the vehicles and familial structures? This is what you're born for, isn't it? To weakly faint into a city's undying arms, and be wholly swallowed by its cavernous unknown?

"I watched my city die over and over again... so why am I still alive and kicking?"

  • You Are Cam. A retail worker in the city, in a seemingly never-ending state of... stasis.
  • Explore The City. A city where everyone acts according to a schedule, living their everyday lives... again and again.
  • A World That Changes Over Time. The city of this game is filled with secrets that change based on the passage of time.
  • Conversation Is Your Main Way. If you talk with people, you can get your way. Convince, persuade, and gain access into people's lives through the repeated day mechanism.

I find it a nervous pursuit to make a game. I hope it will be fun to play.

Warning: This game will contain mature themes, bloodless death and existential horror. Recommended for ages 13 and above.

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whoa whoa whoa, this is interesting, very interesting! I also like the resource pack used, I feel it does not get enough love! Looking forward playing this, from what I've read so far...
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Oh? A cash game?! Poggers?!
This looks really good. Love that tileset. Using it for one of my upcoming projects, too. I'll keep watching the progress of this game. Looks good so far :-)
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