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A brand new episode of my visual novels around the world!
I've already invited you to Finland and Russia during other events.
This time, we're leaving Europe. We will go far away. To the Samoan Islands.

I built this visual novel during the 2021 Halloween event named Commonplace Book. The challenge was to create a game inspired by a randomly chosen prompt from Lovecraft in his Commonplace Book.
I had the prompt #110: Antediluvian - Cyclopean ruins on lonely Pacific island. Centre of earthwide subterranean witch cult.

At first, I wanted to create a Pokémon game in which the main character wakes up in an unknown island. But 5 days later, I wasn't convinced by what I've done.

Now I'm working on some sort of Harry Potter parody.
It starts funny, but it gets creepy.

Connor O'Gaway is a young Irish boy. He signed in Murkwarts, a sorcery school located in the Samoan Islands. Murkwarts is exactly 13 meters 1/4 deep inside a cavern!
Everything seems normal... Until a professor is found dead in the school. She was magically mutilated: mushrooms grew from inside her nose, roots are coming from her ears, and a third leg has appeared in the middle of her back!
Connor has two choices: find the murderer, or flee Murkwarts with two other pupils. No matter the choice, cries of agony will echo inside the cavern...

Quite soon in the plot, you will be prompted to choose who will be your friend among 3 other pupils. The scenes are usually common to all of them, even if alternative dialogues will be triggered.

Length: 4,700 words

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