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The third game I've made in rm2k. At this point, I basically knew the program through and through. It is still noticeably similar to the prior two from a gameplay standpoint, so here's a list of stuff you can expect, copied from the first game's page.

Although the game bears 'Pokémon' in the title, you should know that this is not a normal Pokémon game. You're not out to 'catch 'em all' and it doesn't emulate the commercial games in any way. Instead, it is designed more like a regular medieval RPG. You grab your swords and bows, explore dungeons, find treasures, and fend off Pokémon as enemies instead. If you took out the Pokémon and replaced them with the usual mythological monsters you see in other games, it'd pretty much be a regular RPG.

Equipment Drops: Equipment isn't obtained from random treasure chests lying around (a trope I never really cared for). Instead, you'll only find new equipment from two sources: shops and enemies. The game's shops update their inventory based on your dungeon progress, and the enemies in each area always drop weapons and armor you can use for upgrades. As such is the case, fighting is mostly the only way to get stronger, be it for experience or better equipment.

Enemy Skills: The heroes only learn a handful of skills on their own. Most of their special abilities come from finding skill books scattered around the dungeons (in retrospect, this is pretty much the same as random treasure chests). The skills you find in each area are those used by the monsters in that area. So, if you fight Zubat using Leech Life in the cave, then the book that teaches Leech Life will be somewhere around there. In the field, books resemble the Pokémon that uses the skill they teach. Some skills are certainly more useful than others, but you won't know which are which until you find them anyway. All of them are hidden somewhere in the dungeons, and some are quite hard to find. Boss books only appear after the boss that uses those skills is defeated.

Enemy Evolution: Pokémon you're fighting may evolve in battle at any time! This makes them marginally more difficult and gives you a shot at finding a rare item. Each evolution has its own unique item to drop, but the chances of finding it are only 1/50. The odds are relatively low because you could just stall in battle and wait for things to evolve (which improves your chances greatly). Even if you're not actively seeking them, you'll probably find three or four by the game's end. There are also a few rare items dropped by a recurring miniboss, but you would find these no matter what, so they aren't rare at all.

Outside of battle, there are plenty of things to do besides wander around stupid newbie RTP land.

Puzzles Galore: Every dungeon in the game is stuffed with puzzles. And by 'stuffed' I mean 'they have about two each'. Some are the usual rock-pushing and switch-flipping you'd expect, while others are a bit more innovative. There's always something to keep you on your toes.

Side Trips: Who doesn't love a good distraction from the main quest? More of these open up as you complete dungeons, but there are quite a bunch of side missions for you to explore. Each one has its own rewards, both strength and story-wise. They also beef up the play time.

At the end of the game, you'll get a completion percentage based on how many books you found and sidetrips you completed. Get 100%, and you'll unlock New Name + along with Classic Mode. JOY!

But wait! This game isn't just a rehash of the previous two like it so painstakingly obviously is! It sports quite a few new and interesting features!

Mountain Map: The game takes place inside a gigantic mountain with three floors, two basements, and tons of spacious caverns. As such, it can be confusing to navigate. So, if you get lost in the mountain, using the Mountain Map from the inventory screen will place a picture in the top left corner. It shows the floor you're on and what cavern you're in with a blinking yellow dot. It also shows where the caves connect to each other and arrows indicate places you can climb and descend floors. Letters show places where special kinds of water can be found. The only things it doesn't show are the layout of the land in each cavern, and exactly where in the cavern the hero is. Using the Mountain Map again turns it off.

Day System: This game runs on a system of days. Each day is two hours long. For the first hour, the letters "AM" blink between the numbers on the timer. After the first hour expires, the player is warned that midday has come and the timer is reset with another hour. After midday, the letters "PM" blink to indicate the difference. When the second hour expires, the player is forced to return to camp before the sun goes down (the mountain can't be navigated at night). During the evening, the player can talk to their friends before going to bed. Later in the game, there are minigames that can be played at night to earn special coins for unique weaponry. The timer runs during cutscenes and normal battles, but stops when the game is paused and during boss/special battles. If the timer expires during a normal battle, the battle will end as if you ran away.

If you finish what you set out to do before the two hours are up, you can beat down the time by resting in the camp. Staying at the camp "Inn" offers three choices for how long to rest. You can stay for 15 minutes (which knocks 15 minutes off the timer), you can rest until midday (which resets the clock to 1 hour), or you can call it a day (which ends the day right then and there). Sometimes, you can't move on until the next day comes, so being able to cut to the end is very helpful.

Krabby: The summoning system from PH2 returns, but this time with a little less variety. The only summon in the game is Krabby, and aside from being available to replace a hero in battle, he has a side trip entirely dedicated to him. The events that occur in the places you summon Krabby make up a big chunk of the plot, so learning how to use him effectively is very important. His sub-areas offer some of the greatest challenges this series has had so far. They also offer a few skill books and unique side trips. Krabby is IMPORTANT!

Refightable Bosses: Each dungeon has a boss and miniboss you must fend off to get through, but these enemies aren't killed at the end of the battle. Each one escapes to fight another day; and that's exactly what they do! Revisit any location the day after you fought them to take 'em down again!

Attack Items: These are back from the second game, and as before, they are dropped by bosses and minibosses, both regular and randomly-encountered. These special items allow Krabby to use a skill in battle limitlessly. They are dropped at a lower rate than last time because bosses can be fought more than once. They can be quite handy, as the skills used require no MP and may expand the number of elements Krabby is limited to (read: one).

This game follows the same formula as the previous two, so if you liked what I did before, this game should be no exception. And, if you haven't tried my games before, this is a good one to start with. It's distant enough from the previous episodes that it can be played without confusion. It's also a better reflection of my abilities as a game designer, but I wouldn't taut it as anything remarkable.

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Game is okay but why the hell put a final fantasy character in a pokemon based game???
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
Well, it started when I wanted to use Biggs and Wedge as a tribute to FF. I decided to include Jessie because she deserved better than she got in FF7 and doesn't come back like the other two. Then, the three of them needed a leader, and Barret was the only logical choice. Yay, slippery slope!
alright, I know i promised a review a long time ago, but i've been pretty busy lately. I played through the entire game, and after much contemplation, I think i felt pretty much the same way about it that I did about the second game, and repeating myself would be kinda ridiculous.
Anyway, looking forward to the complete episode 4!
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
Okey-dokey. Four should be a LOT better...if I can ever find the time to finish it. It seems like I'm always either working, or...exhausted from working. Sigh...
Cool game! A lot of games are kind of boring but this I can actually sit down and play for like a few hours. :D
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
Well, that's good to know! I'm glad you like it so much!
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
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