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Day 1: The Underling


Underlings tend to be the weaker variation of The Overlords army. What they lack in resiliency, they make up for in sheer numbers. It's not uncommon for these shadow minions to throw themselves at their adversary in droves. They go down quickly but not before damaging their enemy just enough to be taken out by another companion.

There are two known underlings: The Grunt and The Spitter.

Grunts focus on melee attacks and possess no ranged abilities. They're only a threat when at the front of the line. A good strategy against this underling is to push them back for some crowd control or pummel them with a ranged ability while they slowly return to a more suitable position.

Spitters are the ranged counterpart of a grunt. They will utilize melee while in the front row but, when weakened, will quickly retreat further back and attack with an acidic spit. When struck, any robotic unit becomes inflicted with a corrosion effect that does damage over time. It is wise to take these underlings out quickly or pull them forward once they retreat to one of the back rows.

7 Days of Lore:

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