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Day 3: Sagrim the Vendor

Sagrim the Vendor

Sagrim is shrouded in mystery. A brethren to the shadow creatures that seek death and destruction, yet he does not share this desire. Sagrim prefers peace and trading the various objects he has discovered while exploring the ruins of the fallen human city.

He loves shiny things and is willing to barter for everyday items—common goods by human standards but "treasures" to him. For each item you bring him, he'll grant R3-M1 a unique coin that can be used to trade for more rare objects.

Yet, his peculiar and, often, irrational behavior poses the concern that he may have a hidden agenda. Does he desire peace, or is he simply biding his time for something more nefarious? He has offered his services to aid R3-M1 in their quest, so until his true purpose is discovered, there's no harm in keeping him as an ally.

7 Days of Lore:

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