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Day 4: The Brute

The Brute

Brutes don't fit the typical idiom. While they are mostly all brawn, they possess quite a bit of brain. These large, hulking minions of The Overlord's army have proven to be effective and quite dangerous during combat. They hit hard and, when enraged, have an even more powerful crushing attack that renders R3-M1 confused.

A Brutes hulking demeanor isn't the only risk they pose. During combat, they will roar, inspiring their minion companions to fight with more ferocity. This tactic makes the Brute not only a physical threat but a strategic adversary, as well. They hit hard, can take a beating, and provide support to their allies. While many would say it's best to take them out as quickly as possible, this will also allow their minion companions to strike you in great numbers. Any battle against a Brute requires quick thinking and a great strategy to come out victorious.

7 Days of Lore:

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