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Day 5: Karn


Karn was an action-adventure beat-'em-up game popularized in the mid-80s. Players took on the role of Karn the Barbarian as he hacked and slashed his way through hordes of undead, goblins, and other vicious creatures.

Sadly, while this particular game is no longer playable, that didn't stop R3-M1's creator from using what was still functional to turn it into a retro-style training database. Spending experience to learn new abilities and upgrade current skills is just one of the several features this hub will provide. It also acts as a music player and tutorial guide. Select which song you'd like to play while relaxing in your living quarters, and refresh on some tutorials. This retro-data hub is the perfect mini-computer and nostalgic decor to help spruce up any living space.

7 Days of Lore:

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