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Day 6: BATTLE-bot


BATTLE-bots are what put Iylo-tech on the map and helped move forward the distribution of robotic entertainment. Starting as small mechanical toys for children, BATTLE-bots quickly evolved into larger, more substantial units that took the combat sports industry to the next level.

Robotic fighting became all the rave, and after a few prosperous years, Iylo-tech became a billion-dollar industry. BATTLE-bots were on every billboard, magazine, television advertisement, and corner of the globe. Yet, with all other forms of advanced technology, it took no time for different groups and organizations to develop their form of robotic fighting units.

News traveled the globe that several terrorist organizations started creating their own version of "BATTLE-bots" to help during times of war. It wasn't long after rumors began circulating that Iylo-tech had started to receive funding from the U.S. Government. Speculation quickly surfaced that testing had begun using advanced weaponry, vehicles, and robotic field units to help aid in military training. This, however, has never been fully proven.

7 Days of Lore:

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