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"I have no voice! You have silenced me!"

The Premise

A young man receives a call from his girlfriend, inviting him over to watch a movie or two. The couple, laying about on the couch, watches the actors onscreen portray their roles as the hours pass. Midnight arrives.

The world ends.

The sky is cast a dark red, and the sun turns as black as coal. Where once the streets were walked by people, they are now host to beings of night, unclean creatures that seek the flesh of the living.

The couple discovers their talent to fend off these creatures, and they flee for their lives.

"What's going on? Are there any survivors? How did this happen? Is it just our city, or is it the entire state? The country? The world? What do we eat? Where do we sleep?

...Can we ever be safe again?

The Gameplay

Speak No Evil is styled after the Shin Megami Tensei model of gameplay, and is thus a battle-heavy, relatively difficult experience focused on elemental affinities; labyrinthine dungeons, and bosses that require an understanding of mechanics to defeat.

The most prevalent aspect of the game is the importance of elemental weaknesses. Striking a weakness deals five times more damage than normal - very rare are the occasions where this isn't an instant kill. So, the experimentation with elements, and the discovery of which are effective and which are not, is a central aspect of the game's design. As the player progresses, groups of enemies where one is immune to - or even absorbs - the other's weakness become increasingly common.

This might have proven frustrating, had new enemies with new sets of skills appeared in each area. However, Speak No Evil was built to prevent this by re-using enemy species - simply with higher levels. This, in turn, might have lead to a lack of enemy variety. Which is, technically, true - there aren't that many distinct enemy types in this game. There are, however, a large number of enemy troop configurations; and this is the biggest key to Speak No Evil's battles. Enemies that can berserk the player are paired with enemies that are immune to physical attacks; those that are highly vulnerable to magic are paired with those that sap the player's SP. It all comes together to create a situation where the player is constantly threatened, without being ball-bustingly hard.

The Sales Pitch

Speak No Evil is not for everyone. It wasn't designed with welcoming in new players to the RPG genre. Deaths, while not constant, are to be expected; explanations of what HP does or what Experience is aren't given nor expected to be necessary. The game was designed to provide the player with a decent challenge over the course of a mid-length eastern-style RPG. This game uses "fake difficulty" techniques at times, such as enemies that steal the player's SP or ones with unfair elemental affinities, and makes no attempt to hide it.

If you want a large about of story, or you absolutely hate dying, I would suggest you turn your attention elsewhere. This game is very light on story, and the difficulty starts high and climbs steadily.

For those of you who want a game that is capable of beating you once in a while, while being perfectly possible to progress in, I would recommend this game to you.

For the masochistic players, there's a HARDCORE mode available after achieving an ending. It's not even remotely fair, in any sense of the word.

Latest Blog

09-02-2009: And that's that. (Or at least it better be.)

...And the last SNE download is complete.

I'm basically posting this for my ego to make sure I move on to the next project to get suggestions on sites to export it to that aren't absolute RRR shit.
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Congrats for getting a finished demo.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Thanks, man. It was worth it though.
Wow the game is awesome. Seriously reminds me of Persona3. One thing though, I encountered a problem. It's just after their surrounded and leaving that map, there's an error that says "Event referred to an item that does not exist". Other than that, your game is great.
This game is really revolutionary. It's like everything I really like about RPGs, and then some. I also like how there's really no custom systems, just changed default ones, but they're changed in such a way that makes them seem custom. My only complaint so far is that there's a TON of perks, almost too many to choose from at any one time. More advice and feedback to come in a review.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
You had me at revolutionary.
Never seen a game about 2012 before...

Looks interesting.
A quick question, if the game takes place during December, why is there grass and a sunshine? And why does the character walk outside with Jeans and a Shirt rather than a coat? Just curious...
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Southern Hemisphere.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
New download up.

Enjoy or don't at your leisure.
Just so you know, the Lock armor doesn't actually protect against the Lock status. Also, it doesn't seem the fire offense add on is adding any fire damage to my attacks.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Fire + causes your Attack command to deal Fire damage.

Lock - grants 50% resistance to Lock. Lock -- grants immunity.

Sorry about the
Returning from RMVX Death
Chaos, a bit of advice for you, after you leave your mothers home, and you walk up the sidwalk to get to the chicks house, there are road blocks there... You walk under them man... You might want to fix that or something.... I'm no expert mind you, I just found it interesting is all.
Devil's in the details
yay, a download
Just came back home from Grocery Shopping. I had 320 canned goods, but when I teleported back home I became stuck in the doorway, unable to do anything. So sad.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
Downloading. I'll be starting this soon.
Who tries to go through a doorway with 320 canned goods anyway?

(Congrats on finishing! Downloading now...)
The only thing I find funny is, after all the trouble you go through to prevent grinding, this is the only RPG I've ever had to grind on. Ever.
*And it's got a nice perk system with the armor and related stuff
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