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Pamchan and Gojo are lost in their dreams and separated from each other. By working together, they'll solve puzzles to find one another. In this game, you switch between characters to solve puzzles. Sometimes you'll find a clue in one character's level that helps you solve a puzzle in another.

Pamchan and Gojo are acquaintances meeting up in a coffee shop. Before they have a chance to order any coffee, they fall into a deep slumber, where they arrive in a dream world known as Beddy Bye World. When they realize where they are and what's going on, they must work together to wake up and find each other.

We created this for the Global Game Jam Online 2021. The entire game and all of its artwork were created in a single weekend by Steve Rakar and Michelle Rakar. This was also our first GGJ done virtually and not in the same place!

The theme this year was "Lost and Found", so we decided to go with being lost in your dreams.


Though this game works with a mouse or keyboard, we recommend using the keyboard controls listed below, as the game is designed more for those controls.

Keyboard Controls:

Arrow Keys: Move
Enter: Confirm/Interact
Esc: Back
Q: Open Map
W: Switch Characters

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  • Sarena
  • RPG Maker MZ
  • Adventure Puzzle
  • 10/24/2021 05:02 PM
  • 02/19/2022 10:00 PM
  • 01/31/2021
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