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In the aftermath of a global pandemic that affected people everywhere and made their lives a living shit, things have gone peaceful enough for your family to consider having a Real holiday trip! However things don't seem to go smoothly as no one can make up their minds about where to go.

Things went in circles for a couple of days, but fortunately for everyone you received a strange brochure in the mail telling of a nice travel package in Wellington, New Zealand. The pictures within told of fantastical views and scenic landscapes to please the eyes, and even made a point of underlining how depopulated the area is around this season and how this meant the stay at the hotel would be entirely free, which sounds great!

Despite slight protests from the younger members of the family, you manage to secure enough spots for everyone, and set out to your destination. Pretty scenery, restaurant food, cheesy souvenirs, and Not Any Ominous Foreshadowing Of Any Gruesome Deaths Of Your Family Members, await!


About the Thing

This is a short Choose Your Own Adventure game. You play as Family Person as they take their family composed of Their Partner and Their Two Adorable Children on a quest for Fun and Not Dying.

I figured, since I already make RPG Maker CYOA games, might as well do a legitimate CYOA book at least once even if digital. And here it is! Made for RMN's 2021 halloween event, this text based adventure will keep you entertained for at least ten whole minutes.

Made in Twine 2.3 - Chapbook Format

Content Warning, in this game...

• There's some eerie sound effects/ambiance
• Mild pixel gore shows up sometimes
• There's a lot of Words That Need To Be Read
• People die when they are killed

Boo happy hollowin!

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