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Don't forget...
All their civilization, all their progress, it was never for the likes of you. You are a stowaway.
They did not invited you on this trip.
They never will.


Metamorphosis follows the story of Dai Jiang, a young woman working on a small liner making the trans-Pacific crossing from China to California. A journey that hundreds of other ships make every year, which should not give rise to any significant event. Unless...

The game is short, very mood and character driven, and perhaps a little too wordy for its own good. Especially since English is not my first language. The graphics are inspired/ripped from old NES games, the music are by Presence of Music and the ideas for the storyline come from a lot of more interesting works, I'm sure.

I hope you have a good time if you decide to play it. It shouldn't last more than half an hour.

Metamorphosis is a short Lovecraftian horror game developed for the Halloween 2021 event. It was inspired by the entry 126 of the Commonplace book.
Castaways on island eat unknown vegetation and become strangely transformed.

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Added a "system2C" file. Whoops.
  • Completed
  • Vasterien
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Adventure
  • 10/30/2021 05:39 PM
  • 11/27/2021 04:42 PM
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Nice game so far even if I just started it and I had an issue that made the game crash during the shipwreck. The issue were the accents of the Chipsets that did not load the maps properly and also the lightning effects (solved by renaming the files and fixing the database/events).

Dunno if it was due the language of my PC (that changed the accented letters to japanese characters) so... If anyone has the same problem I had it can be easily solved ^_^
Ah ! I hadn't thought of that :')

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to add a version with resource names that shouldn't cause problem.
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