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"Hello, I would like to join your guild."

You are a guild leader, recruiting members to strengthen your guild that was formed to fight against the one who threatens the world with limitless power.

Main Story
Part 1 - War (Chapters 1-6)
Journey to other worlds and lend your aid to conflicts of battle and war. In turn, those you have aided promise to assist in your battle against Infinity.

Part 2 - With (Chapters 7-10)
You have recruited many to join you in your fight, but as it stands now you know your guild alone is not enough. There is more you'll need with you if you are to save the world from the disaster that awaits.

Events (Time Indefinite)
School's In - Nu wakes up to a childhood friend telling her to get ready for school. But she's never had a childhood friend. And school? That was something she had given up, so what brings her to this fantasy she once wished for?

50 (Fantasy Heroine) actors to recruit
8 Rank 1 actors (2.5%)

Turn-based battle

Updates (These will just be bug fixes, no new content, should be able to copy the save across)
v1.1 - Fixed some unique abilities not working (Iris, Opal, Tipha, Cerene, Nova, Lea)

Latest Blog

Part 2

Hosted on itch.io due to size limitations

Added Part 2 (ch 7 - 10)
Removed Demonic Wolf event (+ event recruit)

Added gear stages
Added School's In (Event) Exam minigame
Actor stages requirements now level (removed trust)
Reworked tower to a first time clear rewards, reset monthly (monsters should also change but im too lazy to set this up)
Reworked arena and labyrinth rewards

Reworked battle UI
Added attack all button
Rescaled all battle skills, and enemy stats

Removed skill tomes in favour of another skill
Introduced actor passives (including a unique for every character which add unique abilities, e.g counter, follow up attacks)
Passives points gained every 5 levels after lvl 10 to level up non-unique passives

Equipment now exist individually and have its own level (can be upgraded by consuming other equipment or equipment dust)
Changed equipment to have random sub stats based on tier
Added equipment sets which grant stat bonuses when the specified number are equipped

Now solely based on time with max rewards at 10hrs
Three types of rewards (gold, exp, energy) and will improve as guild level increases

Updated missions based on changes
Updated shop based on changes
Reworked gacha scaling chance
+ whatever other changes I forgot to mention

Personal notes
Though the story is to be concluded with Part 3, I don't plan on finishing it (there was some more story I could have done for Part 2 as well). I think this showcases everything that I want for this type of game. For now I'm hoping for feedback to see if this could work in a proper mobile game.
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  • 11/05/2021 02:29 AM
  • 07/20/2023 10:06 AM
  • 07/09/2023
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Not really clear, is there a part 1 somewhere? Or is it included in the part 2 download?
Ah, yea it's included, part 2 is like the update name, i can see how its confusing
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