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"Hello, I would like to join your guild."

You are a guild leader, recruiting members to strengthen your guild that was formed to fight against the one who threatens the world with limitless power.

Main Story
Part 1 - War (Chapters 1-6)
Journey to other worlds and lend your aid to conflicts of battle and war. In turn, those you have aided promise to assist in your battle against Infinity.

Events (Time Indefinite)
Demonic Wolf - Raya has come back from her pilgrimage to gain power, however it seems what she has gained was far too strong for her to handle.
School's In - Nu wakes up to a childhood friend telling her to get ready for school. But such a life was one she had given up, so what brings her to this dream world?

50 (Fantasy Heroine) actors to recruit
8 Rank 1 actors (2.5%)

Turn-based battle

Latest Blog

Battle UI

So the current battle ui displays everything that I want but I find it a bit too busy with the actor portraits showing at the bottom. Also I want to show the full single actor portrait during their turn, like how its done in other turn-based games (Etrian Odyssey etc).



I'd like the portraits to be bigger but it cant be so big that it overlaps enemies because of how inputs/ selecting targets work in this game (other games the portrait fills half the screen but get hidden when selecting a target) so it kind of loses its charm. There's now more space at the bottom though it needs a new window skin, I tried using the boxes but it doesnt look that nice so just leaving it blank. Enemies are realigned back to the center which is nice. The turn order at the top, having it smaller makes it look cleaner but I think the vertical provides clearer detail (though you should be able to tap it to show the details anyway so maybe its ok). What battle ui do you think looks better and why, or is there something else I could do to make it better

On a side note, if anyone is interested, I'm planning to redesign the actor customization (new skills, battle mechanics etc) and inventory (equipment upgrades, item rewards and other stuff). I was going to use another game engine as I thought it would be limiting to work with the default rpg maker script (namely equipment/ upgrading them) but after writing some code I figured it'd take the same amount of effort to start from scratch vs modifying existing code, with the only benefit of being optimized, and at this stage I'm just testing ideas so there's no need for that yet. I'll probably include some new chapters for part 2 as well.
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