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Anamei Productions

Note: Before playing please install the FORTE font from the game folder! (Right click and select "Install")
Each episode contains the one before it, so there's no need to download early episodes!

Welcome to the world of Cast Aside.

You'll play the role of a young girl with a dull future ahead of her. A kitchen assistant and foster-daughter to the island's most powerful Luminary, you wonder if your life is really worth living... How will her life unfold? You'll need to play to find out!

Cast Aside is an episodic game where your Save File will transfer from one episode to the next. Released long ago, Cast Aside has seen a lot of work since then.


Rayne: The main character, Rayne struggles in her everyday life. Living with the legacy of parents who bailed out of debt and left her behind, she feels she needs to make up for their sins and her foster-parents kindness by being what they want.

Kael: A childhood friend of Rayne, Kael is a spirited youth with a seeming gift for the spear and combat training.

Cast Aside is a story heavy game with a lot of puzzles. Combat is based on an Active Tactical System and will sometimes integrate the terrain and puzzles into combat.

Cast Aside introduces several new features with it's custom ATBS including attribute values on the map that can be used to entirely change the flow of combat, from increasing the range of attacks, to making them hit more targets, to causing an increase in regen or attack to the user.


Message script: ccoa
Menu system and cursor: Raziel and Selwyn
Icons: Whitecat

Latest Blog

New Facesets

Started work on some new faces:

I have a hard time simplifying things. Sticking with ver 3 for all facesets.
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  • 06/20/2009 02:54 PM
  • 11/24/2018 04:50 PM
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I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Did you know who make the art for this as well?
Yaoumei (artist of our team). :)
Yaoumei makes the art for all your games! He's brilliant! Maybe I should get my dad helping me...
okay I need some help am at the cliff puzzle and tring to pass it but all she says is she can't jump over it but maybe keal can.can someone please help me and great game by the way
You need to use Kael basically; you can switch characters with the "A" button (Z by default on the keyboard) and then selecting the character (left/right) and letting go.

Using multiple characters is a common theme in a lot of puzzles.
okay Im stuck again on the thing with the crystal and platforms and why dosen't the one she is on move
Because the one she's standing on CAN'T move. You need to move them around to make paths for her and then move across them.
okay but how are you suppose to move the red or purple on the side of the rocks,I know the thing about the cristals and orb but they can only go left and right
The art for Cast Aside is radical, especially the title screen. Cheers ^_^
This game is fantastic but sometimes during combat when I hit spacebar it hangs.
I have no idea on how this battle system works, is it like, a real time SRPG?
Basically, yes. Your characters have a limited amount of "Stamina" that works like the inverse of a normal AT Bar, it fills up over time but you use only part of it to perform actions and can do anything (Move, Skills, Items, Attack) as long as you have enough stamina to do it.

There are features to help you control it; you can slow down/speed up the pace of combat at-will, you can freeze combat and move characters and assign them their next action then unfreeze, and you can assign an action to be repeated X numbers of times if you have the resources to do it that many times (so if you wanted to attack 3 times you didn't have to choose attack 3 times over.)
Hey Hunter, I'll try doing that, but the space should act just like Enter and the C key; which is select. At certain stages (moving or turning or windows open) the game won't progress so you can choose the option.

If you can track down what causes it and how you unfreeze it that would be a welcome help.
Yikes! Still stuck? I'll put together a solution video tonight and link it in a blog entry.
Hey outcastvia, check the newest blog or (thanks to DragonShadow) the FAQ page for Episode 1 to get a link to a video showing the crystal tile puzzle.
I came across this game here --


I have to admit that this is an awesome game, it's just the battle system that's ruining the gaming experience. It's keeping many ppl like me from completing the game. Can you make some changes to it? The story and the characters seem very interesting from the little that I've seen of this game. Good job!
I played this for a while and had a lot of fun with it. It really exudes professionalism. All the systems, the presentation, the graphics, everything is spot-on.
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