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Cast Aside: Episode 3 (Progress)

  • Anaryu
  • 07/28/2010 06:18 PM
The original goal of Cast Aside was to be based around small episodes that I could hammer out easily in a couple weeks or a month; whatever felt appropriate as I created them.

Rework and contest projects (and the awful dev/writers block) have distracted me long enough (this project is actually like almost 3+ years old now...) The majority of Episode 3 was done for a Release Day several months ago, and released as 2.5, so I'm going to be taking time now and working exclusively on this project to get that release to a whole number again.

Cast Aside still kind of scares me, the scope of the project is huge, and with the level of detail even small areas and cut-scenes are time consuming and I play through and edit for several hours at the least. This project was actually an RTP contest project that I had to drop out of many years ago (right after Outlaw City, my first game, actually, making this kind of my second game ever.)

Historical Fact: At the time a huge debate about "RTP graphics" versus original was going on at rmxp.org (where I used to haunt pre-RMN) - the story idea I'd had for my RTP project had felt just RIGHT to me at the time (more right than any other game short of Outlaw City since too) - so I decided to show that RTP graphics and characters could be brought to life with just polish and hard work, and I wanted to work on my writing and storytelling instead of programming, and thus was born Cast Aside.

Scope wise, the actual "start" of the story is still a good 3-4 hours of gameplay away (basically I'm still working on the intended 'intro' section...) - this is daunting since a long game with a lot of balanced content is a very, very, difficult task, I think that's really what's been putting me off for awhile now (it's one of the few frontiers left for me.)

So! Time to suck it up and work on this. The potential is there, the polish is good, and no other project has generated nearly as much interest with various people.

Progress for Episode 3 and the first major explorable area of the game, the ancient underground (now) city of Terrandrall, is now our top goal (I'm hoping to have a new release in a couple weeks.) I don't plan to stop when it's done either; these things are much easier to do if you don't stop and lose that momentum.

(Now if I could just put StarCraft 2 down...)

As a reward for actually clicking on this, here's two really old pieces of fan-art I don't think I've ever posted! (courtesy of an old friend of mine and Yaoumei: Ranma/Kuachi)

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