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Cast Aside: Faces and Continuation

  • Anaryu
  • 01/11/2011 03:32 AM
Facing near annihilation (ie. cancellation) at the mercy of my wife's new job and subsequent end of all things game-development, Cast Aside narrowly pulls through with a now job-less wife - with the holiday seasons over they've reduced her to so few hours it wasn't really worth all the headache anymore.

So with her having lots of spare time and doing art commissions instead of working all weekend and into the night miles from home, we are make progress again! (For real this time.)

Here's several of Rayne's new faces and one of Kael's - redoing those awful faces was near the top of our art list, since there are already quite a few outstanding for other characters too and we really hated the old:

There are some new sprites and world edits, and the sketches for your other two characters are done; for some of the old 'default' faces replacements are in progress as well (bye bye old Captain face.)

On the production side I just deleted several maps and puzzles - why? Because they were bad. They were good, but they were wrong. I was taking a whole dungeon in the entirely wrong way and backed myself into a stupid corner because I didn't want to lose the work.

Instead I've started mapping out all the story in much more detail before working any further, and I'm trying to do it the right way!

For the next dungeon I'm focusing away from the puzzles a bit, and going more into the exploration side and adding some mechanics for manipulating the world and using your party in small groups to help each other out.


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i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Deletion is fine as long as you actually finish this. =D
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