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You need to summon the devil.
... That's it. Go.

The game takes around 30 minutes to complete. Can be 5 minutes long if you know what to do, but exploration is key, right?
Inspired by classic stuck-in-the-house horror games with supernatural elements.

Play as a tired young wizard Hazel, walk around in a magical house with hungry books, mammoth statues and a spooky basement. There's a teleport in the storage room if someone gets themselves stuck. The ghosts have no regard for physics - though when did they ever? It's all magic. That alien pod in the room full of stars? Also magic. The fridge? Magic.

Collect all the candles, flowers and gems, complete the eponymous summoning ritual, and see what happens. The devil is waiting.

I hope this little project will be able to brighten up your evening.
Also available on Itch.io - https://jewelswithwings.itch.io/hazels-summoning-ritual

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Came from Buzzing, Summoning stuff is in my interests right now. Gonna bookmark this.
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