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Every year for the past 100 years, a massive, gaudy tower appears at the point of greatest commercial activity. The witches Verdi and Norn find themselves here, on the eve of Christmas Eve, in order to do the very last of your Christmas shopping.

But great changes are about to occur, on the centennial of this tower's first appearance...


Do you like old-fashioned first-person dungeon crawlers? Do you like games that only make sense to play at one particular time of year? Then Festivus is for you!


- 16 floors of first person dungeons! The first few floors are fairly straightforward, but later ones get more complex, adding various navigational puzzles to deal with.
- A special equipment system, in which your skills are tied to the weapons and armor you use. Do you stick with a weapon with lower stats but with skills that you can use more often, or do you go for one with better stats but with worse skills to use?
- A system of item drops totally not stolen from Etrian Odyssey! Sell the things enemies drop, but remember to keep some on hand for the materials you need to make new weapons and armor...
- At least one harpy! This is an important feature.
- Only one song that's actually a christmas song. This is also an important feature.


I made this game back in 2015, with some edits and fixes a year later. By the nature of being a first-person dungeon crawler without any sort of in-betweens or smooth scrolling/turning, it's a bit janky, but that's the nature of the genre. Enjoy!

link to slime salad gamepage

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This is pretty. Mostly appreciate the candycane wall dungeon.
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