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With hours left before the confirmation of a new temporal cycle, a band of ambitious sellswords descends into the depths to bring the march of time to a final stop.

Time is running out, all over again...

Cataphract OI is an experimental turn-based RPG escort mission made in RPG Maker 2000. Key features include:

  • Move as a unit. Lead your party from room to room with menu-based movement and protect your squad out of combat by avoiding wandering monsters and holding defensive positions.

  • Race against the clock. Time is your most precious resource as every action in or out of combat advances the mission clock. Learn the landscape, choose your actions carefully, and halt the wheel of time before it runs you over.

  • Step into the Fray. The vortex of battle is safe at the margins, but anything can happen at its lethal center. Protect your party by keeping them out of the Fray while driving your enemies into its deadly clutches.

  • Protect your charge. The operation turns on the Supplicant's survival. Everyone has a role to play in keeping her alive: control the Fray with the Captain, cling to your charge's side with the Satellite, and tear down tough foes early with the Wolf.

One dungeon, medium-hard difficulty, light story. Estimated playtime: 2-3 hours.

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