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You live alone and are locked inside your home. Your parents dropped off your old childhood computer and you have to travel through your dreams to collect the game disks. You start by first using the PC. The first thing you do is click RUN or left or A to startup the RUN Commands. Install EVA - she will be your AI assistant and main antagonist.

After inputting your name you will be free to use the bed to travel to dream worlds. Once you are in the main dream town you can take three paths. One goes to the subway, another goes to Townsville and the last one goes to the spooky forest. At the end of each of these paths, you will find a game disk.

Install and play the games to affect the endings.

The controls are as follows :
Mouse : camera movement.
Movement : w a s d, or arrow keys.
Run : shift, holding shift will use up Stamina, if you run out of Stamina your movement will become slow temporarily. You can eat Cookies to refill your Stamina back to full. Cookies will also restore your three Sanity hit points to full.
Action button : z, or enter, or space.
Cancel/menu button : x , or esc.
Photo camera button: c. You can take photos of your experience anytime with the c button. Open the main game folder then go to the folder named www then go to screenshots. Your pictures from every play-through will be stored in that folder there.

I am encouraging everyone to post-game screenshots in this game's comment section, please and thank you.

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