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RMN Holiday Calendar - the definitive RMN community game. Based on the RMN Celebration series by YDS (RMN Christmas Card 2009 and RMN Midsummer Dreams 2010), celebrating the wackiness, joy, drama and humour of our little corner of the internet.

Featuring the long awaited RMN Christmas Card 2020 as its main storyline (which in itself is both a sequel and remake of RMN Christmas Card 2017) with many future expansions planned for more holidays. This is a battle-less (mostly?) adventure game designed for a casual, relaxing experience - any difficult sections are skippable and the game comes with a walkthrough in the files.

(A condensed version you can pick at the start of the game that skips Christmas Card and makes the hub area only include the basic essentials for expansions is planned for the future.)

In Christmas Card 2020, you play as me (!) as I try to get a christmas card to you (!) before the postal service closes, while a mysterious attack is going on in the city of RMN. With the roads blocked and the mods off to fight the unknown threat, it's time to get creative and find a way to get to the card, and maybe get caught up in the shenanigans going on while you're at it.

As you explore the bustling, seaside, Vegas inspired, yet somehow still snowy city of RMN, you will encounter several site members as NPCS, almost all of whom submit their own dialogue. Did I mention you're also able to travel through time - meaning you can travel to the past and play the entirity of Christmas Card 2017 in Christmas Card 2020?!

And if you can beat every quest, there might be another surprise waiting for you...

Upon clearing RMN Christmas Card 2020, you will have the option to play whole new expansions through a quest selection menu. Expansions are not just small additions or updates to Christmas Card, they are whole new areas, storylines, characters, and so on. Some small, some adding whole other holidays.

To make up for the delays in release, the game will come with two small expansions straight off the bat!

Kloe's Spooky Dungeon of Spookiness (Small | ~10 minutes)
A Tale of Discord (Small | ~10 minutes)

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the only thing ive contributed to rmn.... for now..

I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I'll have to agree with Mirak. This was a treat to experience with all the content that's currently available. I dunno if there are plans for future expansion content, but, yeah. Cool stuffs.

Ya did good, kit. Ya did good.

Yup, I'm not doing any other christmas card games in the future, I'm doing expansions to this! The first one I have in mind is for spring but I can't promise it'll happen for sure. I'll have another christmas expansion for 2022 for sure though!
"And all I loved, I loved in vain."
I never doubted you. Glad it's finally finished!
Seems like you've put more than your fair share of effort in. Well done.
Merry Christmas!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Thanks for all the love so far y'all!! Makes me really happy to see people enjoying something I made after working on it for so long.

Also, for anyone who downloaded the v1.0.1 update today, please download v1.0.2 instead because v1.0.1 has a bug that prevents the player from beating the game. Sorry for the trouble! If you're on v1.0 you should be fine.
Trying it out now. Liking it already. Also found myself. XD

Anyway, I'll be trying to play through this now. Glad it's finished. Hope to see what shenanigans are in this one.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Bah! Humbug!
You're magical to me.
Great job, Frogge! This was worth the wait and a lot of fun! It's clear that you put a lot work into this :DDD

I'll try and look into that sometime soon, I got a little overexcited with releasing the game and completely forgot about RTP as i always seem to ^^;

Its ok I just added a bunch of RTP files in to the main file and it works like a charm.I played the game from XMAS 2020 to XMAS 2018 and in each of those there is a boss(here is why I have problem the second boss who looks like a egg with mustaches and drives a pink spaceship when I loss to him once the second time I try to fight him he just moves left and right without him attacking me and I tried multiple times an its the same. I think you have a bug buddy)
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
A couple people have reported this, I’ll try and fix it soon but didn’t make it a priority since most people seem to prefer skipping the bosses anyway and it wasn’t something that needed an immediate patch. Thanks for the report though!
A couple people have reported this, I’ll try and fix it soon but didn’t make it a priority since most people seem to prefer skipping the bosses anyway and it wasn’t something that needed an immediate patch. Thanks for the report though!

Hey I like a good bossfight:)
I hope you will respond to this comment after you are done fixing the bug;)
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob

I will be playing this on this Thursday 23rd 3pm EST YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE come join us https://twitch.tv/bennymakesgames
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Well you did it Frogge, I believe this is your best game yet!

I finally managed to play through the whole game. This is all I expected from this community game. It was a treat!

My feedback (there's spoilers in here, so I strongly suggest playing the game before reading on, oh random user who is not Frogge!):

- first of all, I played the "v1.0" of the game;

- beautiful graphics and maps filled with details, the light effects worked really well! I specially liked the Art Gallery teleport;

- the music fit the mood well;

- the Casino theme got kind of annoying after a while due to how short it is;

- it was fun reading everyone's messages, even if I don't personally know most of them, but there was something very genuine about the whole thing;

- the red and blue crystals were a great idea to help the player know when to speak with characters more than once OR who to speak with to progress;

- there's a lot of humorous dialogue and situations!;

- the writing for the main story was witty and funny to read;

- I never felt that I was lost and always had some idea of what I needed to do, so nice going with the game design!;

- there's a couple of affixed notes in walls around the game but you can't examine them (i.e.: the note next to Sol's wanted poster). Nothing wrong with that, but it just feels like a missed opportunity for some fun comments ;) ;

- Gourd_Clae's haunted place was awesome!;

- Had an error when entering the Art Room (error: Dividing a floating point number by 0), the cause was the Panorama "Dimension Rift.bmp", so I converted it to ".png" and now it works on my PC, FYI;

- When checking the "Pictures" folder I noticed that "Art7.png" goes unused, I'm just mentioning this since I'm not sure if that was on purpose or not;

- the detail of the hero slowing down when going through the exit doors is really nice;

- I think I found a typo, the "Shelter Master Key" description says "foor" instead of "door";

- I feel like the first boss (Edgy Sonic) takes too long and consequently becomes more frustrating than challenging or fun, a possible solution would be to reduce it's HP to make the battle faster;

- other than that, it's a pretty well thought battle! I enjoy the pattern and how it keeps you moving;

- my feedback for the second boss (whatever that thing is) is the same as the first: I feel like it could have less HP to make it faster and more manageable to beat;

- other than that, once again, it's a pretty clever boss pattern and it's enjoyable to play, although I feel the battle drags on;

- I'm just suggesting this for the Bosses since I think it's more fun to still beat them than skip them;

- Holy crap! I totally forgot about Valentines 2018! Pretty neat that you managed to include it here as a secret bonus! I didn't even remember participating, but I did! And was really surprised when I found myself!;

- nice approach with naming the villain , it's the sensible way to do things;

- I think all 3 of the Vortex puzzles are pretty good, it was also cool that the previous 2 puzzles teach the player how to solve them before you mix them up in the last one;

- Kloe's Dungeon is pretty cool, I love these small map puzzles;

- Found the secret room and felt really happy for it, it was cleverly hidden!;

- changing the hero faceset to match the part of the game is really neat and adds a uniqueness to the game;

- I have never used Discord so unfortunately a lot of the stuff in "A Tale of Discord" goes over my head... not your fault or anything. Just pointing that out. Despite that, I still thought it was pretty funny due to the wtf-ness of it all;

- the layout in Discord looks very sci-fi/VR-ish, I dig it. Very creative;

- the teleport animation looks really neat;

- that lever on #inspirationhell was well hidden!;

- For some reason the "Sci-Fi Set" didn't unlock for me despite the game saying it did;

- The ending and credits were imaginative, the perfect ending for the game. Very christmas-y too;

Congrats on finishing this project!
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