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*** Updated! Demo Version E and Guide Now Available! ***

***Murder Games Patreon***

*** Thornuts Discord ***

*** Welcome to Thornuts! ***

Thornuts! Powerful Coffee and Donuts! is a roguelite coffee shop sim, providing the zenlike experience of working at one of your favorite coffee and donut franchises!

*** Meet the Powerful New Team! ***

Your Powerful Team Member will be in charge of:

* Opening the store and cleaning out workstations!
* Restocking workstations and ordering new stock!
* Baking donuts and stocking the display case!
* Serving customers their favorite beverages and donuts!
* Maintaining a high star review!
* The lo-fi soundtrack on the radio!

So get out there, get baking and brewing, and give yourself five stars for being the best employee in Thornuts history!

*** Customer Reviews ***
* Thornuts reviews can be checked on the store computer.
* Thornuts starts with an overall star score of 5 stars.
* Customers begin to arrive after 4 o'clock.
* Each customer comes in the door with 3 stars.
* Each of the following will subtract a star:
- Turning off the lights.
- Taking the customer's order. (Necessary once per order!)
- Talking to the customer with your hands full.
- Checking the wrong display case.
- Restocking workstations.
- Clock movement.
- Baking.
* Each of the following will add a star:
- Brewing. (Customers love fresh coffee!)
- Taking the correct donut from the correct display case.
- Placing the correct donut on the tray.
- Placing the correct drink on the tray.
* All reviews after 8 o'clock count double, for overtime hours.
* Ideally, you should take their order at the register (-1), find the right case for their donut(+1), make their drink properly(+1), put everything on a tray(+1), and they are on their way!
* When a customer leaves with their order, their stars (0-5 depending on their customer experience) are added to the overall score, and the sum is divided by two, for the new overall score.
* This means that any 0 will cut the overall store reviews in half! Keep those customers happy!

*** Phone Orders ***
* Phone orders now come in once per day, between 1 o'clock and 3 o'clock.
* The customer will arrive between 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock.
* You will have to make two random kinds of donuts - or two batches of the same random kind!
* You cannot take from the display case!
* Box your donuts at the phone counter!
* You must have the boxed donuts on the counter next to the righthand register by the time the customer comes to collect!
- Failing will result in an automatic loss of a star, from the overall store reviews!
- Succeeding will result in an automatic gain of a star, for the overall store reviews!
* This is how you can get back up to five stars, if you get a few bad reviews!

*** Radio Tracks ***
Taurine Crash
Shining Eyes
Song Title Indicates Meaning
Hotel Window Overlooks the Parking Lot
Good Night and Good Luck
The City Falls Asleep
Looking Out Distractedly
- All radio tracks owned by Jaspertine, used with permission.

*** Coming Soon ***
* MANY more customers!
* Personalities for customers!
* Customers who eat in, and customers who take out!
* Much, much more!

* Fixed "Something is missing!" text missing from Honey Dip/Vanilla Dip basketing, when Honey Dip is missing from inventory.
* Added "Take All" and "Give All" options when taking or giving boxes of donuts at the Freezer.
* Phone orders now come in from 1 to 3, and get picked up from 9 to 11.
* Replaced old employee with three diverse team members to choose from: Powder, Sprinkle, and Peanut.
* Radio now has a light.
* New Drink, Donut and Workflow cheat sheets.
* Interaction with cheat sheets and daily checklist streamlined.

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