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*** Updated! Demo Version B and Guide Now Available! ***

***Murder Games Patreon***

*** Thornuts Discord ***

*** Welcome to Thornuts! ***

Thornuts! Powerful Coffee and Donuts! is a roguelite coffee shop sim, providing the zenlike experience of working at one of your favorite coffee and donut franchises!

You will be in charge of:

* Opening the store and cleaning out workstations!
* Restocking workstations and ordering new stock!
* Baking donuts and stocking the display case!
* Serving customers their favorite beverages and donuts!
* Maintaining a high star review!
* The lo-fi soundtrack on the radio!

So get out there, get baking and brewing, and give yourself five stars for being the best employee in Thornuts history!

*** Demo Workflow ***
1. Empty all Work Stations.
2. Restock all Work Stations.
3. Order all Extra Stock.
4. Restock all Extra Stock.
5. Restock Display Case.
6. Brew Coffee and Decaf.
7. Serve Customers.
8. Have a Powerful Morning!

*** Customer Reviews ***
* Thornuts reviews can be checked on the store computer.
* Thornuts starts with an overall score of 5 stars.
* Each customer comes in the door with 3 stars.
* Each of the following will subtract a star:
- Turning off the lights.
- Taking the customer's order. (Necessary once per order!)
- Talking to the customer with your hands full.
- Checking the wrong display case.
- Restocking workstations.
- Clock movement.
- Baking.
* Each of the following will add a star:
- Brewing. (Customers love fresh coffee!)
- Taking the correct donut from the correct display case.
- Placing the correct donut on the tray.
- Placing the correct drink on the tray.
* Ideally, you should take their order at the register (-1), find the right case for their donut(+1), make their drink properly(+1), put everything on a tray(+1), and they are on their way!
* When a customer leaves with their order, their stars (0-5 depending on their customer experience) are added to the overall score, and the sum is divided by two, for the new overall score.
* This means that any 0 will cut the overall score in half! Keep those customers happy!

*** Phone Orders ***
* Phone orders now come in once per day, between 1 and 6 am.
* The customer will arrive between 1 and 6 pm.
* You will have to make two random kinds of donuts - or two batches of the same kind!
* You cannot take from the display case!
* Box your donuts at the phone counter!
* You must have the boxed donuts on the counter next to the righthand register by the time the customer comes to collect!
- Failing will result in an automatic loss of an overall star for the store!
- Succeeding will result in an automatic overall star for the store!
* This is how you can get back up to five stars, if you get a few bad reviews!

*** Radio Tracks ***
Taurine Crash
Shining Eyes
Song Title Indicates Meaning
Hotel Window Overlooks the Parking Lot
Good Night and Good Luck
The City Falls Asleep
Looking Out Distractedly
- All music used with permission from Jaspertine.

*** Coming Soon ***
* Special orders!
* MANY more customers!
* Personalities for customers!
* Customers who eat in, and customers who take out!
* Endless gameplay!
* A calendar!
* Seasonal donuts, drinks, and decorations!
* Much, much more!

*** Changelog Version B ***

* Turning off the lights now costs a star.
* Using the radio no longer costs a star.
* Every other activation of the radio now turns it off, so you can have silence when you want it, too!
* Front door now must be specifically activated, and then automatically goes to the main menu.
* Empty Cups are now first on the list in the Cups and Pouches workstation.
* Inventory menu is now single-column, so item names don't squish. Scrolling may be required!
* Phone moved.
* Added Phone Orders.

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