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MechGears is an action-rpg with an (optional if you wish so) stealth system. With gameplay and some of the settings inspired by the original MSX Metal Gear, MG2 Solid Snake, MG Ghost Babel and Metal Gear Solid.

An adventure crafted to homage and at the same time parody this series of games as a serious story gets a big side of irony and dark humor.

Join not-so-rookie mercenary girl “Blood Snake” Andy as she fights petty villains, greedy armies, strange creatures and giant mechanical enemies, as she is witness to the atrocities of war in punny named places, points out logic-flaws, and faces moral dilemmas that you can really care nothing about, as battles are fought with bullets, wits and a lack of seriousness.

Keep in mind this is a challenging game, not dark souls/sekiro/bloodborne “challenging”, as the point is not to spam the game over screen with unexpected one shots or death traps, but to create a need to know and use every tool given for a good performance, there are some QoL features that will help you if you struggle too much, but the skill toolkit, items and encounters are designed around resource management and use of CC (Crowd Control) abilities to manage populated encounters in case of active combat and the use of stealth to reduce potential enemy reinforcements and total numbers, the game autosaves before each big encounter or boss fight and the content is tested to ensure you have enough resources to get through the fight with plenty of pickups (if you don’t waste them) enemies will dodge your shots and ammo is not plenty the AI might not be great, but its not completely dumb.

Latest Blog

Version 0.8.2

Been working on this project for a while but this will be the first time i post it here!

Even so i will declare an "upgrade" from the old 0.7.4 version, which had no busts at all, and still used default character generator faces for all npcs and the player, which i already replaced with custom made ones, some other minor details to this new patch im numbering as 0.8.2.

This new version features a change for Erika, the armory admin, including a new bust and a more "army" look to her overall

There are additional small details that flesh out the characters like a custom sleeping animation for the player including a custom balloon expression.

On the mechanical side multiple fixes have been made to the interface to finally adjust the cropping of the descriptions of skills and items, no more chopped text!
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  • 11/20/2021 01:03 PM
  • 05/21/2022 04:25 AM
  • 06/20/2022
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How can I download the game?

Found on itch but Winrar *pukes*

Anyways, this good game but I can replace the main gun with another, so I am stuck sometimes because I don't have bullets.
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