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MechGears is an action-rpg with an (optional if you wish so) stealth system. With gameplay and some of the settings inspired by the original MSX Metal Gear, MG2 Solid Snake, MG Ghost Babel and Metal Gear Solid.

An adventure crafted to homage and at the same time parody this series of games as a serious story gets a big side of irony and dark humor.

Join not-so-rookie mercenary girl “Blood Snake” Andy as she fights petty villains, greedy armies, strange creatures and giant mechanical enemies, as she is witness to the atrocities of war in punny named places, points out logic-flaws, and faces moral dilemmas that you can really care nothing about, as battles are fought with bullets, wits and a lack of seriousness.

The skill toolkit, items and encounters are designed around resource management and use of CC (Crowd Control) abilities to manage populated encounters in case of active combat and the use of stealth to reduce potential enemy reinforcements and total numbers in sneaking sections, the game autosaves before each big encounter or boss fight and the content is tested to ensure you have enough resources to get through the fight with plenty of pickups (if you don’t waste them) ammo is readily available as is a myriad of skills to decimate enemies, the enemies might not be full of tactical geniuos skills, but they aren't completely dumb as they will dodge your shots, use tools of their own and will try to put some distance between you and them constantly.

  • A real time action battle system. Simple, but familiar to MMO players, with a skill bar where abilities and tools can be slotted for quick access in combat.

  • A completely animated Weapons and tools system ranging from handguns to rocket launchers , vehicles and traps where every projectile is animated and thanks to collisions can be dodged.

  • Battle against mercenary soldiers, warlord armies, dictatorial governments, mechanical contraptions, and weird creatures through a wide range of environments.

  • Use the terrain and layouts to your advantage as you jump across tables and gaps, take cover behind destructible objects, ride vehicles and mounted weapons, silently sneak through vents and drains to skip past enemies, or just take them out head on!

  • Make allies (or enemies) throughout the world as you take desicions on the field, reputations and standing changes will affect the amount and difficulty of missions available.

  • Accept numerous quests from your typical killing enemies all the way to sneaking, rescuing hostages and spy missions!

  • Maps full of small details and a lot of interactable objects, custom behaviors and animations to fully flesh cutscenes, interactions, skills and battles.

Minimum and Recommended System Requirements:

  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® Vista / 7 or newer

  • Processor: 2.0 GHz CPU /2.6+ GHz CPU

  • Memory: 2048 MB RAM / 4096+ MB RAM

  • Graphics: OpenGL 4.1 capable GPU / 1GB+ Dedicated video card

  • DirectX: Version 9.0+

  • Storage: 780 MB available space

Latest Blog

Version 0.18.4 is out!

Complete mouse support added!
This and many more tweaks, fixes and changes have been added to the game, please check the patch notes below!

The newsest demo release is here!
Now a detailed list of the changes on top of the previously mentioned ones:

⚙Title Screen:

Revamped for a more modern look the new logo has been included and a new "patch notes" option has been added to check the latest changes.

Our new discord server is also availale as a clickable image at the lower right corner.

⚙Mouse System:
Previous versions always had this demand/suggestion which wasnt possible at the time.

The biggest change of this version is the possibility of playing entirely with mouse and keyboard setup.

A custom mouse cursor has been added.

The ability to attack or fire your weapons with the right mouse button, leaving left mouse button for "use/interact" as it worked previously on the item menu.

You can now left click on any item or any other interactable to activate it, space has been remapped to "interact" too for easier movement and interaction in case the player prefers that over clicking everything.

The item/skill/menu UI indicators at the bottom left have been revamped, boasting new icons and more importantly being clickable opening their respective functions making complete mouse navigation for menus possible.

Movement will stay tied to WASD and arrow keys, the skillbar will remain on the 1-8 numerical keys and the menus will conserve their keyboard shortcuts, space has been changed to "interact" instead of the previous "attack" function.

⚙Bug fixes:

After causing a game breaking bug, armored enemies have been revamped, keeping their indicators they will be now immune to certain damage types encouraging different approaches than just spamming normal attacks.
For now armored enemies are immune to ballistic damage only leaving shotguns, skills, explosives and melee damage as viable options to combat these enemies.

Fixed various visual and collision bugs and unwanted interactions, including objects that werent interactable due to eventing conflicts.

Fixed vending machines to not be useable in combat as the dialogue let the player vulnerable to enemy attacks.

⚙Gameplay changes and fixes:

Adjusted the majority of tutorials to be executed by in-game examples, leaving video tutorials for 3 mechanics which are better shown that way.

Choices now have a pause after showing to avoid accidental selection/skipping.

Adjusted overall levels according to player leveling curve, affecting difficulty this should make some sections "harder" if the player doesnt update their equipment.

New enemy spawns and encounters, dependant on player choices during the mission.

Fixed Mechgear bossfight drop to avoid an exploit which yielded multiple of the item.

Skills no longer require FP and Super attacks require FP only.

Reduced SP regeneration on to encourage the use of consumables, increased recovery amounts on consumables.

All firearm skills now require of the corresponding ammo to use besides SP costs, the ammo total will be displayed on the skill icon besides the UI ammo count.

now has a cooldown of 3.5 seconds.

now has a cooldown of 4 seconds.

changed functionality, recovering 50 FP at the cost of 20% HP over 5 seconds (+10%FP/-4%HP per second).

increased burn chance to 100%, reduced initial damage.

A new sub-weapon has been added, the will be given during the course of the game in difficulty and will be part of the starting gear for the difficulty, this sub weapon adds 2 skills on equip which are focused on single target damage:

20SP high bleeding chance and damage.

30 FP single target special attack with a very high damage.

Reduced cast time for enemy grenades, slowed their speed to make it easier to dodge them.

Tweaked enemy spawn quantity and pathfinding, all alarm spawned enemies are now armored, equipped with multiple grenades, higher movement speed and fire rate.

Firearm skills have been tweaked:

Gun skill cast time reduced to 1 second, increased the damage and added "Armor Down" status on surviving targets it uses damage which wont affect armored targets but will weaken their armor for other damage types unless the weapon is equipped with .

Shotgun skill Added, an AOE dash and shot that damages enemies in front instantly, hits in a area with a chance to burn any enemies hit, it uses damage and bypasses armor.

SMG skill changed to AOE damage in front that hits instantly in a area each target is hit 3 times and lowers enemy attack, it uses damage and bypasses armor.

Rifle skill Changed to an AOE projectile that explodes on target hitting a area, this skill can shoot diagonally and lowers enemy defense on those hit, it uses damage and bypasses armor.

⚙Visual changes:

The overall UI theme has been changed to red and black including inventory/skill screens, symbols and buttons.

Some areas recieved shading and detail increases, while others changed their entire look to fit with their intended themes.

A new title screen, game logo, icon and loading screen, windowskin has also been slightly modified tweaking some details.

Added a click-able button on the title screen that links to the game's discord server.

New icons

Shotgun, rifle and SMG now have proper skill animations for their exclusive skills.

A ladder climbing animation was added.

New zombie models doctors and patients, to theme up with some areas (new models in the works too)

Smoke Bomb and Flashbangs now have new icons, shop item images and sprites when used so they can be easily differenced on map pickups and inventory.

Weapons Items parts and mods now have a new images for shop/modding menus.

Thank you for playing MechGears and please report any bugs either here or via discord!

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How can I download the game?

Found on itch but Winrar *pukes*

Anyways, this good game but I can replace the main gun with another, so I am stuck sometimes because I don't have bullets.
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