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The BilouConcept serie is a serie of shorts demonstrations by BilouMaster Joke of what we can do with RPG Maker 2003 and its event system.
It doesn't consist on making a full game, it just does prove how a specific concept can be made just with events, no patch, by one or more test maps. It only takes around 5 minutes to play the concept and there is no intention to make a full game, it's only a way to share the idea.


Bilou3D is a real short concept I made in 2006, it only shows two maps:
"Test map" and "Final map".

This project was just done for testing how a 3D (we say 2D now) isometric platformer could be made in RPG Maker 2003.
Trust me ... the resulting programming actually deters creating a full game like this!
I just share it like that ... now you know someone made a 2D isometric platformer on RPG Maker 2003! :D

There is little dialogue but for your convenience I have translated it into English anyway. :D (November, 2021)


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  • 10/04/2006
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This is so cool dude! Again I kinda have an idea of how this one could work but it's probably that but on steroids. Basically having each of the parts as separate images on a certain ID, then moving the player image from one ID to another depending on its position (X,Y and probably Z?).

As for collisions, oof. I guess since they're boxes it's good old (x1 > px > x2) (?). Still quite impressive.

EDIT: For god sake you did slopes.
Yes, it's only pictures, variables and fork conditions... And because I made this on the old Rm2k3 (not the steam version) I've had to deal with the 50 picture limit and the fact that I had to use "move picture" only all the time and "show picture" only one time at the beginning due to the poor performance of it in order to get that smooth behavior :D

The displayed x, y position is function of a virtual x, y, z position, with x and y square by square and z in pixel... The order of display is done by checking the x/y position and doing "move picture" to set transparency equal to 0 or 100, you can assume the graphic of the level is splitted and displayed considering all x/y cases just for that hell of display order... Each collision is done with the good old "a > b > c"... for x, y and z. On the final map you can see I managed to darken the player while he is into a shadow area, even below the shadow of the mobile platform... I checked indeed how to make slopes and mobile platforms, and even a pushable box on the first map! The overall gets an experimental smoothness power up due to the fact that all the "move picture" are done in 0.1s instead of 0.0s... done all the two frames (2*0.0s) if I remember well.

It was very fun to do and enjoyable to see the result but... What a hell of fork conditions and brain f... xD

Maybe I can get more flexibility now with the steam version but it's still the LESS flexible thing I have ever made, haha!

I'm glad you enjoy it. :)
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