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The story of an adventure around the world. (?) Hikari and Marc, twins that just graduated from Magirenum's Mage Academy, set their sights of venturing the world, seeing multiple monsters, and beautiful sights of places that they will see.

Accompanying them is a variety of allies and friends, and a couple of enemies and challenges along the way. But together, they are somehow tied to the string of Fate. As they continue on their journey, they find a vision of the past that tells them their destiny.

Latest Blog

Episode 2 coming soon!

Heya! I'm making another blog here, it took me about uh... Almost 4 months now in making Episode 2! It's gonna be pretty longer, and I introduce you new characters, along with more in-game race diversity, Utopians, Iyunzites, Abyssals, and Elves.

And also I recommend not playing in a dark area. Since this Episode is 60-80% snow-themed.

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  • 11/26/2021 08:58 AM
  • 04/25/2022 05:14 AM
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