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Prophecy is a traditional medieval RPG overflowing with friendship, adventure, and dark fantasy. The game itself is on indefinite hiatus, due to technical problems as well as unfortunate timing issues.

Check out the project's official website if you're interested:

The story, roughly set in medieval times in the mythical kingdom of Rhylore, opens with a young peasant named Juno Crescent doing what he does best: getting into trouble with his roguish friend Motley. Together they live in a quiet backwater farming town called Stonemill, located in an obscure corner of the realm and separated from the bustling mainland by the great Rhylorean seas.

Stonemill is run by an oppressive tyrant, who has pushed and taxed the peasants of the small village to the point of rebellion. Juno's older brother Jack is the leader of the Black Roses, a small but formidable group of freedom fighters to which most of Stonemill's youth belong. The plot opens just as the tension begins to boil, erupting into a bloody struggle between the Black Roses and Lord Daradrik's corrupt soldiers.

Juno is soon forced to leave his home and venture out into the wild Rhylorean landscape. He and a growing number of companions discover lurking evil as well as ancient beauty in the enchanted world around them. When they stumble across dark secrets and corruption hidden deep within the noble workings of the realm, Juno's journey becomes one of moral questioning and self-discovery, of friendship and fortitude. And what begins as a simple quest transforms into an epic war between heavenly forces, with the very fate of the kingdom at stake.

I hope you enjoy it, and I'd love to hear what you think!

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  • 06/20/2009 05:02 PM
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From what I have played so far you have made an awesome Vx game. The production values are amazing. Love the leafs.
Here are some notes I made on this so far. Expect a review soon:

- Walking speed is far too slow on the field maps. Bump it up one or activate the running system RMVX has by default.
- This game is severely lacking in "Full Recovery" commands. If a big scene happens, especially after a boss, then the hero should generally get a full recovery. For example, after the tactical battle system segment.
- When you take synthesis items from things, such as fruit, they should probably disappear. It makes no sense that there is still tonnes of fruit/fish/water there and yet I can't take anymore of it.
- Would a boss that is susceptible to status effects be too much to ask?
- The tactical battle sequence is too tedious/long. Considering how easy it is, would it be so bad to either up the difficulty or give the enemies lower HP so it is over faster. I didn't feel threatened at all and it seemed very tagged-on, although I do like the idea!
Would like to see this continued. This game is fun.
Really good game. Can't wait for next chapter to come out!
How is this coming along I would love an update.
Great game
but when i play as Motley and fight a soldier inside castle
it says
Script Counter line 97: SystemStackError occured. Stack level too deep

i ve seen similiar bugs but this happens everytime not just one time as other
SystemStackErrors i ve seen
:/ anyway at least that far this is one of the best games i ve seen!
aquathird if you press F12 that might be doing it
my problem is i am in the swamp fighting with jack. before i can win and get on with it it always crashes at some point in the fight.
in the sea gul bay when you fight howl how do you get past that fight
actually its the final boss and yea i know it was very annoying when i fighted him . first of : before u fight him make sure ur yellow bars with juno and bri r full if they r not u can fight some times on the world map to do so however , when they r full u enter the fight with him , every time u hit him a certin amount of hp he will kill one of ur party members with only one hit . u use parasite dragon with bri and he will start the killing season first with barabbas then u use ice maiden kiss with juno and another 2 hits and then howl will kill klotho , then u revive ur both deadly 2 party members and heal anyone who needs with any strong healing items u have got cuz u won't need this items again anyway , then u just continue hitting him and do ur finish move for every character who has the yellow bar filled and he will kill bri finally he will kill juno u revive them again and just do the rest of a few hits and he is finally downnn , that's the easist way , i hope that helped ^__^
Outstanding start to an epic game, this one is. I typically don't invest much time into demos these days (1 hour being the usual max), but I did give this one about 2 1/2 to 3 hours of my time. Hopefully this game will start to see some new life and earn its way towards completion.

My only suggestion might be to up the walking speed just a little, especially since running has been disabled. Overall, the quality of this game is very impressive. Combat can be a slight bit tedious, but generally balanced without being overly easy or difficult.
This is among the best games in rpg maker.
Pity the developer wasn't going to make the second part. I would have loved to have played it.
So even this gem was made by you.. Love your games
Do you have any plans to complete Prophecy: The Demon Kingdom once you finished World's Dawn?
Extremely well made RPG. This game appears to be a demo, but it's way longer than you'd expect. However, there were a few problems some have mentioned such as mandatory walking. Didnt do any mixing because I only got 2 empty bottles and didnt see any way to get more than that. Also did very little grinding, since the bosses up until the end were easy enough using poison on. Then at (what I assume) is the end boss of the game, he's almost impossible to defeat. I'm not complaining about how he is scripted to one-shot your friends (which you might prevent by having them guard on the turn you think they'll be struck), but really he has a disproportionately high HP pool combined with a 300 damage bloodsuck attack. Since 300 is roughly half your HP for most of your party members, you'd have to heal every turn. Add on the fact that without using limits, none of my party members can do 300 in a single attack, so you are kinda dependent on limit breaks to beat this guy. Well after about 10 limit breaks he's not even close to dying. I proceeded to empty my entire backpack and subsequently get my butt kicked in the slowest, most agonizing way possible. He's also immune to poison/dark/silence unlike everyone else, and that was a joy to find out as well. The game had been so good up until this point, so I have no idea why this guy had to be so poorly balanced, or poorly scripted, as I suspect he might not actually have a real HP pool so I was basically pelting at infinite HP or something. Sadly there's no way to disprove this suspicion, so I am not going to try again (after dying 3 times already, that is.) I know your busy with a (pretty successful) commercial farming game, but this game's pretty good too and maybe you'd consider fixing the little issues left if your interested in it.

EDIT: His script worked correctly this time, so I got to see the demo's ending.
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