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An engaging storyline, full of dark fantasy and lore.
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  • Added: 06/20/2009 07:53 PM
  • Last updated: 09/27/2022 08:05 AM


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Do you mean to say that the tiny farming village had no idea of what was going on or that they were in the middle of it?

The way it sounds now, "all but secluded from these grave events" means that they've experienced everything EXCEPT seclusion from the events--basically that the grave events have completely overrun the village. If you mean otherwise, then the words "all but" should be omitted.
Thanks for pointing that out. However, the term"all but" isn't to be taken literally the way you did... In this context, it means "almost". Here's a link to the dictionary's definition, with a few more examples:

Thanks again for taking the time to comment!
On that same note, does that mean the farming village was close to being secluded from said grave events? I think it still sounds a bit off. Either it was secluded, or it wasn't. Giving it middle ground means that there was some way to avoid said grave events but circumstances made it otherwise or vice versa. I know it's a small line with a relatively small impact on the entirety of the rest of the game, so...well, you know.
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