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Mochiko-san Reunion! (もちこさん りゆにおん!) is an escape game by Na-ra and translated by Yamikaze.

A rundown mansion on the way to the mountains. A rumor has been circulating that a sobbing voice can be heard coming from there. Prompted by her classmates, Yui Kashima decides to go and find out what the voices are.

Title: Mochiko-san Reunion!
Na-ra (website).
Genre: Escape Game.
Playtime: Approximately 3 to 5 hours.
Endings: 1 ending.
Tool: RPGmaker MV.
Content Warnings: There's a mild GL content and somewhat light BL in some of the books.

English Translation Credits:

Translator: Yamikaze.

Special Thanks:

Shaz of rpgmakerweb moderators for helping me with the plugin scripting.

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