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This is the story of the titular character, Moacir Azulay, a nonbinary artisan who's father has gone missing. Acompanied by their friends Ubirani Sampaio and Socorro Pataxó, they're going in a perilous adventure with ghostly entities and hostile people to find their father and a magic artifact that sustains their community, Aldeia Ribeiro.

Just another puzzle RPG game with horror elements, similar to OFF, Ib and The Witch's House, but it takes place in Brazil. It should take you around an hour to complete the demo.

The game will feature (wip, it's a demo!):

  • Custom battle systems
  • Overworld combat mechanics
  • Some minigames
  • No grinding at all
  • Various chases
  • Bullet hell mechanics
  • A few dating sim elements, maybe?
  • They're gay and trans, your honor.

Content warnings:

  • Blood, injuries followed by puking and coughing noises
  • Some flashing
  • Few loud noises
  • Implications of racism (e.g.: a white enemy attacking the leads of color)
  • The full game also deals with sensitive LGBT topics that may be foreshadowed in this demo. Play at your own discretion.

Latest Blog

woohhh it's here

new overworld combat system, because the old one was way too time consuming for me to program on each map, so have this
u need to activate the little sculptures by pressing 2 when they're loaded, and then interact with enemies within a few seconds


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Having gotten my first 4/5, I must now work hard to obtain... my second 4/5.
I like the way this looks so far! Very nice cast and pixel art.

Also, I'm always happy to see more Brazilians around here. Looking forward to more of this game and whatever else you come up with.
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