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Thanks for 1,000 views!

Cheers for helping this hit 1,000 views - that's 600 more than on its native HBGames. I now have updated the game page to include live high scores and other innovations. You can also play in your browser right here from RPGMaker.net!

My new game, Frogge, is out now - I am just waiting on approval at RPGMaker.net. You can play it here: https://www.arpgmaker.com/resources/sneks-and-demons.356/

Once more this is a live high scores game and that will be implemented on the game page here too when that's up and running.

Once again, thanks for playing!

Progress Report

Live Highscores on RMN

Hi guys!

Firstly I would like to defend myself against possible difficulties, as what I implemented happened at the same time as a downtime at RMN - the two are unconnected - all I have done is add a CSS rule to my gamepage, the same as changing a background colour or font colour. Any processing is done on MY server via generated images, or on the client's PC.

Anyway. That aside,

I have managed to implement:

- Two new side bars on my game page (potentially illegal but we will see)

The high scores is just an image generated by my server whenever someone submits a new high score. This is it, in fact, in an IMG tag:

I have applied this to a DIV through a CSS rule, such as to appear on my game page, giving you LIVE highscores within RMN itself!

Through further CSS wizardry I have made this all modular and resize and move around depending on screen size. Nifty.

Anyway I just thought I'd share that. Cool.


Possible strategy for level 1

Obviously getting through the first stage is now more important, but it is possible if you do it in the right order.

1. Don't be scared by the bat. It flies in your direction, but it is dumb, and will fly through and past that spot before changing direction again.

2. Because of this it is worth jumping out the way and then clearing the living room.

3. Leave the outside until the end as the demons cannot change direction without hitting a snake.

4. Snakes will follow you but their AI is almost as dumb as the bats. They are easily tricked. Try luring them into a corner, just don't get them trapped in the outer corridor or you won't be able to split them and will get trapped.

5. Demons will only catch you if you are moving - if one comes towards you stand still and they will slide past without any trouble. Just don't let a snake catch you up in this time.

Mechanics for the enemies in level 1

DEMON: turns 90 degrees then walks in a straight line, forming a patrol around the corridor. Scared of snakes; will turn if it hits one. Dumb; will not follow the player. Only hits moving players so stand still if one approaches.

BAT: relatively dumb. Points itself in the player's direction then flies in a sweeping line that direction before changing again.

SNAKE: slightly smart; will follow the player. Easily trapped in corners. Walks much slower than the player so luring is possible.

Progress Report

Post-Release Updates

December 4th - New Level: Living Room II

Level 12 brings in a few of the new nodes to a remake of the first ever level. In some ways this is easier than the first - for a start there are less monsters to catch you unaware - however it also brings in both the snake follower mechanic and the sokobanesque box-pushing mechanic. Both of these are irreversible in parts and so there is now an option to ESC out of the level (and lose your progress).

I've also introduced messages to the player, however I will do some theming on these later. This is just to introduce some explanation of the puzzles (though a theme with Sneks'n is that the puzzles are only explained by trying them out and experimenting).

As always there is at least one specific best line for this map and it has 90 coins you must collect to progress.

The main menu level selector has also been expanded and navigation through it improved to accomodate the new levels.

December 3rd - Hardest Puzzle Yet!

New Level: FOLLOW ME

FOLLOW ME is the hardest puzzle yet, and I can tell you that from an hour of trying to defeat the level just to see if the damned thing was completable. It turns out it is, in one specific line, though there may be more!

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with score not registering sometimes and being stuck in a level.

Fixed a bug where pressing SHIFT made you much faster and easily able to complete levels.

A few other minor bits here and there!

November 28th - Sunday Update #2

New Levels
There are now 9 levels for you to wrack your eyeballs out over. They are all difficult in their own way, but also all achievable with practice, attention and learning mechanics.

The puzzle content of the game has been boosted by the introduction of Sokoban-style mechanics. In the Snekoban level for example, gates are locked by pressure pads which require boxes to be placed on top of them - but in a puzzling, Sokoban-like way.

Bug Fixes
Have fixed various bugs, including coin display, weird pop-ups behind the game screen, score submission, etc.

Level Select
You now choose the level you are going to start with. Make no mistake, neither is going to put you in an amazing stead as there are no "easy" levels in this game.

I need to decide where to go with the music in this game. The tracks we have are very strong, but they need to be distributed well. As such the new levels don't have their own music yet.

November 28th - New Levels, New Mobs

Sneks'n is back with a long (one day) awaited update! Play now to discover...

- Six exciting levels
- A new range of monsters each with their own mechanic
- Traps and tribulations
- Amazing bug fixes here and there
- New graphics by myself thrown in

Please let me know how far you get, I would say from hours of playing that level 1 is actually the hardest so far - if you work out the mechanics for the others that is!
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