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In 2007, MMORPG "The World" was released promising Players to enter the game in 100% VR. Millions of copies had been sold and the game become a hit.

However, there is a Bug that resides in the game causing Players cannot log out. In 2010, The World is closed after The Twilight Incident occurred.

Humans are now in era of Eithernet, where PROGRAM and human lives together in harmony. However, unknown to society eyes, The World's history is not over...

This game is part of Game Jam "Game Off 2021" featuring BUG hosted in itch.io

There are numerous enhancements done to this game which no longer "normal RPG Maker Game" such as:

1. Battlers are animated when they attack to enhance the immersion.

2. Multiple worlds in which characters move one into the others.
a. Normal World - world where humans resides
b. Eithernet - world where PROGRAM (ex: Mega.exe) resides
c. The World - world from .hack//games

3. Custom Upgrade system, in this game no longer have normal EXP and Level.
The characters status are open to Player, in which area need improvements.

4. Custom Skill system, there are 5 Skill Paths in this game:
a. Emerald - Elemental
b. Onyx - Darkness
c. Diamond - Hacking
d. Pearl - Holy
e. Saphire - Distrust
Who will have which class and how the skills grown is all up to Player's will.

5. Expanded Battle System, in this game special enemies have more than 9999 HP (Max HP in RPGMaker). Ultimate Skills are upgraded in these special battles to be able to defeat enemies which have million HP.

6. Nostalgia of course.
Who still remembers the good relation between Lan and MegaMan from Megaman Battle Network and also loved characters in .hack// like Kite, Blackrose, and Tsukasa?

*Apologize for below bug >_< This is a quick fix for now:

Since we are not about to update the game during voting period, so please use Item "Gameshark" and code 84624 to kill all enemies on map.

We will update the game after voting period ends in itch.io.

Video for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHRzqseHstk

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