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Regular guard towers will be explorable for treasures and side quests. For now enjoy the first chapter :)This game is an example of what can be done with stock graphics and is a tribute to the assets themselves to show you dont need new graphics to make a good RPGMaker 2000 game.

Chronicles of Ekoris is a standard typical JRPG about a Island that is left over from the Dragon War Rebellion in which dragons, humans, and goblins banded together against the Demon King and his various minions to save what is left of the world of Asina. The Demon King lies imprisoned underneath the islands volcano unable to break free. Little do the people know his minions are hidden among Ekoris plotting the resurrection of the Demon King. In this first chapter follow Mitsugi and his friend Amara the witch as they attempt to clear the countryside of monsters. They are in the local militia of the island Amara 1 year and Mitsugi first day on the patrol. Determined to prove your worth you march to clear the first of 5 abandoned towers finding Amara in mortal combat with a giant slime. Join her to clear the 5 towers and find out whats going to happen in chapter 2: The city of Sin.
A few hours of content reminiscent of the JRPGs like dragon quest but no actual lore or assets used all RPGMaker 2000 stock graphics other then custom voices.
2 explorable towns and your parents farm.
Treasure fairies!
Clear dungeons with Holy light so the random monsters are cleared(be sure to grind before clearing if needed. The last two towers only require beating the boss to clear.
5 bosses to destroy with optional dialogue
A few branching dialogue even have mercy on an orc captain... or not?
Find the rope to get into every well! You cant clear all dungeons without it.
Fishing! Find the fishing pole and a flower patch next to water.

Updated Content:
Fully voice acted with over 300 lines of VA.
Added additional dialogue to soldiers rebuilding the towers after you clear them.
All bugs are now fixed and misspelling in trailer as well as no voice on a dialogue are both fixed as well.
Music and sound has been completely revamped to not hurt ears with Rpgmakers tendency to have very loud sound and music not a problem anymore!
3 Trailers have been added to give you an idea of the mood of the game.

2024 Update:
The full game was released on itch for $5 but I decided whats more important is giving people a chance to play my first game. So the remastered version of That one will become free to play on rpgmaker.net and itch once its finished. Ill be leaving this demo up as the full version had VA taken out of it so this demo has become its own little game.

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I dunno on voices. Voices in an RPG Maker game are usually when they're used in battle kinda like in Dhux's Scar. That game was oof. It's a REALLY HARD GAME. God. Like battle yells or huh! ha! beht! ra! re! Ooaaaa!!! lol Link and Captain Falcon hahah Doing all the voices yourself is kinda a 'eh' and kinda that golly gee wiz 5th grade attitude to trying to make a game as fast as possible. Maybe you can get help from friends! That would work a lot better. I'm not really liking the voices but that's up to you, just trying to help out. Construction of maps are actually not bad. A lot better than most just rtp games I've played. Looking at it generally makes me want to make a copy paste and do my version of it - don't worry I always keep the original and make a folder for my version. I dunno what's up with the rtp's general color but it's like REALLY yellow and needs more red to be close to SNES graphics. I dunno why that is.
Thank you for checking out my game! Im glad you liked the maps thats where I really put my heart into after all. I tried to get other VA for half a year to be honest but eventually I just went and did it myself sadly. Although it was mostly for experimenting to see what different effects and variations I can do. I honestly had way too much fun VA this game! Yea the colors for 2000 are really off and this will likely be my only game in 2000 due to limitations of the engine and RTP graphics. Im already working on another in 2003 but I definitely intend on finishing this out. I plan on making a rpgmaker game in each engine actually.
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