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Frogge is a clone of a classic game, featuring cute characters and various in-jokes from RPGMaker.net and pop culture. It's just intended as a bit of fun, but it also showcases the high score system at arpgmaker.com which is in development.

Run across the street without getting hit by cars, elephants, old men in small cars with fezzes on their heads, and other thing!

Sound: Defrini (Free Music Archive), Rohanpp786, HoBoTrails

Graphics: RPG Makers XP and MV, Metalking, Leon Kennedy, JGreene

Plugins: SomeRandomDude, Galv, Jackell Dragon, Yami, dbchest

Latest Blog

High scores are now live!

You can now see the high scores for Frogge right here on RMN (and play right here from your browser).

Using the HBGames high score system and various ellievations I have created a more graphical game page experience that I hope you enjoy.

  • Completed
  • EllieJane
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Puzzle
  • 12/11/2021 11:15 PM
  • 12/25/2021 04:36 PM
  • 12/11/2021
  • 4607
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This game is hard as nails. According to The Official Scoreboard on HBGames, my mom could only get a highscore of 4 in this:

Kudos to anyone whose reached above that!

Maybe you guys could give me some pointers.
how the hell do you get 51 in this!?
There is a stragegy, which currently works, although as I want this game to be hard as nails I keep tweaking things so that strategies I find are broken...

For now, however, here are some tips:

- You are as fast as every vehicle apart from the top and bottom rows, so jump across these as soon as a car nips by
- For the other rows, they alternate directions
- Jump into a row and immediately hold down that direction so that you flow with the traffic. This gives you time to think; while you are moving with the traffic you are completely safe
- Jump into a gap in the next row and switch direction
- Once you are 3 tiles away from the exit, just wait until a speedy car speeds by then run straight through

This got me to a score of 45 although I still die and am still bad at this game.


nice game I guess I was able to "git gud", unfortunately in the end I got tired/slow and failed before reaching 99... sigh!
I studied the movements and found a good strategy/pattern. That's all
I scored a 69! (。• .-)♡
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