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Project status: The first working version is complete. It just lacks beta-testing. I've gone looking around the web for sites that help meet the needs of developers. Uncertain how much I'll be posting here again.

Earth City. The most prestigious new metropolis built in the 23rd century. A fusion of practical modern technology with the best features, styles, and architectures of cultures long past.

For the first half-century since its establishment, none but its founding settlers were permitted citizenship.... Until the day Earth City began accepting new arrivals who could pass a screening process. Very rapidly the younger generation became the overwhelming majority of its population and began to enjoy the privileges of life in this renowned utopia.

However, the older generation was guarding a secret they dared not share.

About the game:

A decade in development so far and expected to be perpetually incomplete (in a good way!), Where One Citizen incorporates elements of role-playing games, adventure games, collectible card games, roguelikes, and visual novels), and has three features that are seldom or never seen in games:

1. The many dozens of non-player characters have lives of their own. You can hold down the wait button and npcs will go to work, go to school, form relationships with other npcs, etc without any help from the player.

2. Leveling is accomplished not through combat of any kind, but through conversation. Collect and upgrade an arsenal of conversation topics to use in interactions with characters.

3. Most significantly, the game generates not only its geography but ALL of its characters procedurally. Their visual appearance, their personalities, their familial relationships, where they live, what they do each day, and so on are all unique to each new game started. In other words, on a new play you'll never meet the same character from before. (No other game I'm aware of attempts such a thing, though I suppose The Sims comes close?)

Examples of characters even the author will never see again (because I didn't record the random number seed):

There is also an optional romance element with four orientations supported: Boy x Girl, Girl x Boy, Boy x Boy, and Girl x Girl. In addition to his/her own relationships, the player can at times influence relationships between npcs. Play the matchmaker or run interference on others' would-be romances.

Hoping for an mvp to be ready some time in 2022 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Until then I'll be sincerely requesting feedback and impressions of this large experiment.

Latest Blog

The cake is baked. Who wants a slice?

Windows AND Mac beta is ready!

Anyone want to help test? Please tell me. I'm eager to hear your impressions along with any constructive criticism you might have. Performance is a concern, so please tell me if you experience stuttering or slowdown.

Be forewarned that the game has a learning curve. The first time is likely to feel overwhelming, or at least that's my prediction.

P.S. I won't be writing any more long blog posts since there's clearly no interest in them.


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A game where it generates its characters procedurally, making your first playthrough your very own world? OMG THIS SOUNDS ABSOLUTELY INTERESTING! I have played through Heartache 101 and am greatly looking forward to this!
I love these style of life-romance simulation games. It's hard finding good ones out there, if any at all. Thanks for putting out such titles!
Glad to see some interest. Yep, each playthrough will be unique. I'm very excited about this game! Wish I could release it already, but there's still work to do on it.
*Deeply Thinking*
Big fan of your games. Excited to see future updates!
Seeking testers! If anyone would like to try an early release of the game (Windows version) send me a PM please.
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