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The cake is baked. Who wants a slice?

Windows AND Mac beta is ready!

Anyone want to help test? Please tell me. I'm eager to hear your impressions along with any constructive criticism you might have. Performance is a concern, so please tell me if you experience stuttering or slowdown.

Be forewarned that the game has a learning curve. The first time is likely to feel overwhelming, or at least that's my prediction.

P.S. I won't be writing any more long blog posts since there's clearly no interest in them.


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^ PM'ed you. Thanks!
I'd be willing to give it a try. I feel bad about getting to this so late, I had the game's page bookmarked and everything, I just haven't checked back in a while!
*Deeply Thinking*
Sounds like a plan!
Great! In that case can you PM me on the day when you're ready to try it? (or one day before) Because I'm frequently updating the game and I want you to be able to play the most stable version.
*Deeply Thinking*
I would like to give it a shot! Although it may be a couple weeks or so until I am able to give more detailed feedback.
Nobody? How about the Mac version. It's ready now. Anybody down to try it?
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