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Hello there everyone! I hope everyone is doing well today smile

We have a Christmas present for everyone, the game is fully released!

And if you'd like to share the game or make a playthrough for it, do share it with us here too because we love seeing you guys playing the game we developed.

Again, thank you for the support from everyone who was very enthusiastic throughout the demo. It really helped us make the game better.

Please support us, and even if it's just by playing the game and sharing it, means a lot too!
Make sure to check it out and let us know if you have any feedback!

Here is the synopsis of the game:
Aisly a little boy that has been having a sweet dream and living his life, suddenly awoken by a familiar voice. Someone was trying to wake him up from his sleep...

Unlike his usual dreams, this one feels oddly real. So is this his sweet dream or a nightmare?

Will you be able to help him find his way, or will you be stuck in the endless loop?


- 4 Endings
- 7 Game over CG
- 20+ CG Illustrations
- Bonus room


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I cannot wait to play it and display it on my channel in a blind playthrough! This game will be fun to play, I can tell!
I am slightly annoyed that I can't rate this since it is an awesome horror game and I just had finished my playthrough of it so now I just have to upload it when I can since the video won't process
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