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Ever received a parcel you don't remember ordering, but opened it anyway?
It's so easy when the delivery driver just leaves the package on your doorstep and walks away. No awkward questions or even anyone to ask.

A book, on Sorcery, a subject you've had a long interest in. Perhaps you did order this and forgot about it? Perhaps somebody wanted to surprise you with a gift but the gift note got lost along the way?

What's the harm in reading it? It's just a book...

In Sorceror Florian, you play as Florian, a character based on Fflo's avatar and game appearances. Using your wits, or using Sorcery, find your way out of a creepy mansion in this light horror adventure. There are six endings to find.

This game was made for Fflo in the 2021 RMN Secret Santa.

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