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==== Main route

When an alternate route is unlocked, you can find the walkthrough for it at the end of the document. It's recommended to save before leaving the main route, so you can reload after seeing the alternate ending without being locked into it.

Master bedroom
Wake up
Use the Zippo as a light source
Get the Brass Key from the bedside table
Look in the mirror
Use the Ars Goetia on the mirror -> Mirror Shade route
Use the Brass Key to unlock the bedroom door

East Hall
(Optional) Go right to get chased by a monster.
Escape by hiding under the bed in the bedroom

Dining Room
(Optional) can find a torch in the sideboard (alternative light source)

Reset the main fuse in the pantry
It will short out and trip due to the flood in the kitchen
Turn off the downstairs circuit breaker and it will be possible to reset the fuse, restoring power to the east wing

East Hall
The lights are on so the monster is gone, you can now access the bathroom.

Pick up the Mop
Pull the plug from the bath
Use the plunger on the bath to clear the drain
Get the Silver Key

Master bedroom
Use the Silver key to open the wardrobe
Search both sides of the wardrobe to get Bronze Key and Centime
Flipping the Centime several times to get a streak of heads -> Lady Luck route

Front Hall
Use the Bronze key to unlock the door on the right to access the cupboard

Understairs Cupboard
Search around to get Torch, Screwdriver and Coal

Use the Mop to clean up the water under the oven
Reset the main fuse in the pantry
Switch on all the circuit breakers to light the house

Dining Room
Use the Coal on the fireplace to light the fire.
Use Ars Goetia on the lit fire -> Caligine route

West Hall
Monster is gone, can now access lab
West door is a death trap (hear monster growling from outside)

Lab (upper side)
Look at the desk on the right, read the journal
Use the console, it's unpowered if you left the west wing power off
There's a problem, look at the panel on the left
Use the screwdriver to repair it
Use the console again to drop food into the lower lab
Run to the lower lab

Lab (lower side)
(optional) get the hammer from the table on the left and attack the monster for a bad end
Use Ars Goetia on the monster from behind -> Mad scientist route
Grab the small key from the table on the top right and leave the room before the timer runs out

Lab (upper side)
Use the small key to unlock the desk drawer
Go through the wallet and obtain the Yale key.

Main Hall
Use the Yale key on the front door -> Wits ending

==== Sorcery Endings

=== Mirror Shade route

Bind the mirror shade by using the Ars Goetia on the mirror in the master bedroom
Explore mirror world, it's a linear path
Go to the window in the downstairs hall
Touch your reflection to escape the house

=== Lady Luck route

Obtain the lucky coin from the wardrobe in the master bedroom.
Flip the coin until you get three heads in a row and it rolls away.
Talk to the ghost in the living room, then use the Ars Goetia on her.
Walk out the front door of the house.

=== Voice in the Static route

Fix the power downstairs
Approach the TV in the living room
Use the Ars Goetia to travel home

=== Caligine route

Obtain coal from the understairs cupboard
Light the fireplace, use the Ars Goetia on the fireplace

=== Mad scientist route

Follow main route up to the lab
Use the Ars Goetia on the monster from behind while it's eating