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MARGO - On the Brink

MARGO - On the Brink (Working Title) is a surreal Roguelite RPG with a traditional turn-based combat. You play as a nameless girl with no recollection of the past trapped inside the depth of the crumbling realities called the "The Brink". You must guide her in her quest to find what has been lost and restore the shattered world. It will not be an easy journey as the hostile entities called "The Watchers" are patrolling the ground. Draw strength from the benevolent entities called the "Whispers" to stand up against the Watchers and climb your way up to escape the broken world.

  • original graphics

  • addictive roguelite gameplay loop

  • a custom-made original battle-system

MARGO © 2022 Kodots Games & Eureka

Latest Blog

Battle System

Hi folks!

Been a while since the last update! We've been working over our custom battle system and it's finally taking shape. Here is a quick run down!

Program Cards

These are the meat and bone of the entire battle system. MARGO has a (very light) roguelite progression system where you earn random program cards (skills) in dungeon related to the Lost Whispers that you have in your party. These cute creatures:

As there are no random encounter and the program cards you can hold is limited, the main challenge of the game will be the resource management based on the RNG. We plan to add about 100 program cards for you to collect and use in the combat.

Some rare cards may unleash a powerful summoning attack like this:

Things can get dicey

Regardless of which program card you choose, Null and Lumi will attack the enemy by default, after you selected the "Execute" command. This attack is entirely depended on dice rolls. Lumi started with the attack power of '1D6'. This can be improved later in the game.

That's a wrap for now. Thanks for reading! Comments on what you see so far would be really helpful for us. Can't wait to show more about the game. Cheers!

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  • 01/07/2022 06:20 AM
  • 09/26/2022 05:37 PM
  • 12/01/2022
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This looks so awesome, I can't wait!
This looks so awesome, I can't wait!

Thank you! Please stay tuned for more!
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