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MARGO - On the Brink

MARGO - On the Brink (Working Title) is a surreal Roguelite RPG with a traditional turn-based combat. You play as a nameless girl with no recollection of the past trapped inside the depth of the crumbling realities called the "The Brink". You must guide her in her quest to find what has been lost and restore the shattered world. It will not be an easy journey as the hostile entities called "The Watchers" are patrolling the ground. Draw strength from the benevolent entities called the "Whispers" to stand up against the Watchers and climb your way up to escape the broken world.

  • original graphics

  • addictive roguelite gameplay loop

  • a custom-made original battle-system

MARGO © 2022 Kodots Games & Eureka

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