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Legend of Lagoda is an RPG, with a 16 bit graphics style (Time Fantasy tileset is used). The gameplay takes inspiration from a classic JRPG style, made famous by games as Dragon Quest IV, Lunar: Silver Star Story, and Chrono Trigger.

Game will feature:

* 16 bit graphic style
* A vast world to explore
* 7 different Characters to play
* Every character have his/her own side quest
* Open gameplay based on exploration
* Different towns and villages.
* World based on Slavic and Nordic tales
* Turn based battle - CTB
* Optional side quests
* Lots of wonder, adventure and exploration

Summary of the story

Many years ago a distant star split in the sky just before it fell down to the earth. The biggest part of the star fell into the depths of Lake Lagoda. And after some time, an evil star seed slowly started to grow, deep down in the dark water. An enormous monster fish appeared in Lagoda. Slaying men and beasts alike who lived by the shore of the lake. A creature that the people began to call "Brugd", meaning "the evil one”.

A legend began to grow among the people. A legend of "The Chosen One". Perhaps in the form of a knight in shining armor, that would slain the beast and bring peace to the land again: "The legend of Lagoda".

Game story
You play as the woodlander Ivan who because of different reasons starts to search after the chosen one, to be able to free the land from the monster. You gather together a group of people who will help you in your quest. Every member in the group also have his or her personal quest that you will play (Maybe a bit like in Dragon Quest IV, but more integrated in the overall main storyline). You will travel trough forests, mountains and caves. And also exploring big cities, towns, villages, sewers and dungeons. World building and interaction with different NPC will play a big part in the game. This is a tale from the north, and from an imagined kingdom. But the lore, the nature and the different towns and villages in the game will resembling the historic borderlands between Russia, Finland and Sweden (the areas around Ladoga Lake).

You're growing stronger by traveling through the land doing quests, and fighting the other monsters that have appeared around the land as a result of the star that fell from the sky. You will be meeting enemies and friends from Slavic and Nordic mythology/tales as Baba Jaga, Leshy, Chernobogetc, troll, skogsrån etc. The game will not be based on grinding so you get most experience by doing quests, rather than by killing a lot of enemies. Finally you will be able to fight the Brugd monster in one final battle.

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