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Eps. 0
  • During the 2nd chase scene, run straight to the Water Surface (the place where you met God the first time.) after there was a mention of "don't give up".

  • During the last scene, check the Water Surface again to prompt a save, save your game and go to the title screen to select Eps. 3 to progress the story. (You must clear Eps. 3 in order to trigger it.)

Eps. 4 and 5
  • After talking with the person at the altar, when you go out of the building, go straight away to talk to the person on the top left of the map without talking with anyone else, otherwise, you will be locked up at the bad end of the game.

Eps. 6
  • After a cutscene with the person who stands near the tree, lures the person away from it and then interacts with the tree multiple times.

  • After a short cutscene on the dark forest pathway, answer all five questions of what transpires from Eps. 0 correctly.
    - Observe the person's face, when the person smiles that means you answered incorrectly.