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A survival RPG that's about an hour long that's totally not influenced by current events. Go to work in the midst of a pandemic and a monster outbreak. Buy food and try not to starve. Hope you don't get sick or beaten to death on the way to work. Hope you don't lose it.

Q: What's with the art style?

A: I wanted to give a unique look but I didn't want to fully commit to a full new art style for something short (besides the enemies). My approach was to make all the environments look fucked up while the characters and objects are grayscale to represent how people are expected to continue on with a monotonous life in a chaotic world.

Q: This is too hard.

A: Yeah

Q: If it takes place in the same world as other works, shouldn't the main character develop magic powers?

A: Yeah but then that'd make this game kinda cool when I want it to be a miserable experience. Sometimes you can just ignore lore.

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