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Beautiful is a dialogue based, story-driven drama/psychological thriller game made on RPG Maker MV, it's the DLC/Sequel to Phantasma

It's 1991, you play as Doctrine Sacatowitz, an OB/GYN with German and French descent who has Psychosis and Stockholm syndrome. A horrible person and unreliable narrator, he decides that you are worthy of learning about his life story, and to see what happens afterwards...

Extra stuff:

This game features original music and character sprites, it's about an hour long depending on your reading speed, your choices, etc.

This game has 1 ending

Beautiful is aimed at a 14+ audience of individuals and for people who can handle sensitive topics, viewer discretion is advised, this game is NOT for the faint of heart...

Unless publicly and clearly stated, the creator does NOT support, condone, nor romanticize any of the events of this game...

This game is connected to a web series by the same creator: El Origen De Los Shadows, and the game Phantasma. You don't have to watch the show to play the game, but if you want to know a little bit of lore about the side characters, the creator suggests you watch it, like the game, the show is aimed at 14+ audiences.

AFTER YOU PLAY THE GAME, PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT TO SEE THE CUT CONTENT (It was cut due to an error in RPG Maker), THIS WILL EXPLAIN MORE OF THE LORE ABOUT THE CHARACTERS OF THE GAME: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E5azkGhsOr1bTrgrlG37nB6KkmYq_AhTVImetkLPOo0/edit?usp=sharing

(This game is NOT a love storyy, if I see someone call it a love story I'm going to get really sickk)


Thenutcrackerus (Director, game developer, artist, story, characters)

TheJmmc (co-director, Rod belongs to himm)

Deerpawzzz/Businesstiger (Music)

Feverrin (Music)

Albert Huffman (Characters)

Ta-Loca-Kimi (Characters)

Blurry-Kun (Characters)

Lucifer13 (Beta tester)

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Your art is really cool!
Aaahhh thank youu! This is a rather old game that's a spin-off to this one heree!

I'm glad you like my artt! X)
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